[UN]VEILED: New photography exhibition at Il-Kamra Ta’ Fuq delves into self-discovery

Photograph by Andrew E Zarb

A new exhibition featuring photographic work by Andrew E Zarb and curated by Melanie Erixon is launching at Mqabba’s Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq today, delving into the theme of self-discovery and soul-searching. 

Upon closer inspection of the series of works, a subtle narrative unfolds. This narrative traces a journey from the veiled, the concealed, the timid, and the insecure to the assertive and confident, ultimately culminating in the nude form dominating the artwork and the viewer’s personal space.

Through the medium of photography, Zarb utilizes various models to depict diverse scenarios, creating a narrative divided into four distinct aspects. Part one is titled Veiled, followed by Intimately Unrestrained, where one finds himself or herself alone and starts experiencing freedom. Part three Fluid Hesitation, shows a play of veiling and unveiling within a watery and fluid context. The last part Unveiled portrays absolute freedom and confidence.

“Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for.” – Kabir

The veil plays a major role in these works, both physically and metaphorically. This is enhanced through clever manipulations of light and shade, creating almost playful compositions. Location scouting was also a very important aspect in drafting these works, to create intimate contexts and scenarios, and portray a series of daily fleeting moments, all leading towards the discovery of the self.

The exhibition will be opening tonight at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, and will be open until the 28th of April. 

Andrew Zarb (b. 1989) born and raised in Malta is a self-taught photographer who considers photography as a passion, always waiting and searching for the best moment. Zarb’s passion for nature is expressed through his photography – the photos convey his thoughts and express the feelings and impressions of his relationship with the subjects of his photography, whether humans or objects, during the time he spends with them. He is always yearning to learn more from other passionate photographers, whom he considers his esteemed mentors.

Zarb uses both digital and analogue cameras. The coloured world intrigues him; the black and white world triggers more curiosity and emotions in him. Often Zarb is described as a quiet person, yet most of the time he lets his photos express what his mind could never utter through words.

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