Ongoing and upcoming art exhibitions this November & December

What have local artists been working on recently? What have they got in store for you over the coming weeks and months? We’ve put together a list of ongoing as well upcoming exhibitions set to open later in November and December, that you should definitely pay a visit. Check it out!

rajt ma rajtx… naf li rajt – by Matthew Attard

Running until 13 November 2021 at Valletta Contemporary

rajt ma rajtx … naf li rajt

I/you saw, but I/you did not see… I know that I/you saw

Deriving from a local oral tradition the title hints at taking on a playful yet critical approach to interpreting socio-political contexts. Whilst in Maltese, the original phrase: rajt ma rajtx … smajt ma smajtx (I/you saw but I/you did not see … I/you heard but I/you did not hear) instils a code of silence behaviour commonly known as omertà, it also subtly hints at the complacency of individuals to act or react to ongoing happenings. Albeit slight, the intentional modification to the phrase makes a direct reference to Matthew’s dialogue with an eye-tracker in their intention of drawing with the eyes. This also acknowledges that the eyes are involuntarily witnesses of any occurrence. Moreover, the exhibition reinforces a fictitious technosymbiosis characterisation through a creative practice that links the eye-tracker to modes of contemporary drawing. 

Acting as a tool, but moreover as a silent witness of the eye, here the eye-tracker brings to the forefront widespread local realities bound with ongoing complexities related to identity and context. The ultimate underlying notion of the exhibition is that of continuing with the exploration of eye drawing where the eye-tracker becomes the drawing equipment/collaborator, while uncovering notions of witnessing and seeing. Acting as a means of surveillance, the eye-tracker, the entity/the technology, offers undeniable proof of experience. Visit the event page for more info.

Ħars fuq ħars – A Collaborative Exhibition

Running until 13th November at Valletta Contemporary

A six-artist visual experiment, in parallel with Matthew Attard’s solo exhibition rajt ma rajtx… naf li rajt.  Employing the eye-tracking technology used by Matthew Attard, six artists engage with the respective acts of looking and seeing, thus unconsciously or consciously focusing their gaze in order to reflect on aspects of their artistic practice. This short research-based project sees each artist temporarily adopt the position of the viewer, exposing elements of their practice to the audience through their own sight trajectory, and using an eye-tracking device.
The correlations and disparities between looking and seeing are explored during the process, as are the difficulties and fallacies of attempting to record and interpret the human gaze. The recording of how the artist’s eye-movements and the subsequent information generated, in turn produce a new work, made up of fragments of saccades, elements of the artist’s practice, and digitally generated imagery. Visit the event page for more info.

OUT OF NOW – Beauty Reimagined – by Alex Attard

Running until 14th November at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq
Withering flowers, wilted, wrinkled and rapidly fading from existence. ‘Out Of Now’ is a metaphor on permanence and impermanence. It represents creation/extinction, earthly/divine, reflection/termination. The photographer interrupts the ‘Now’, reinterprets the future and reconfigures impermanence.
Having dazzled with their beauty at their peak, ‘Out of Now’ may be viewed as a reversal of the flower’s role wherein the flower becomes the pollinator instead of the pollinated, impregnating the photographer’s psyche with their current aesthetic. Consequently, these expiring blooms drifting at the edge of uncertainty are reimagined and cast onto another dimension for future retrospection, thereby extending the legacy of their short existence.
The photographer uses his camera as a basis to portray his vision, as a painter would his brush, to exploit and show up the various stages of a flower in all its various guises.Visit the event page for more info.

Mogħdija ta’ Tifkiriet – Tislima lil Poeta

Running till 5 December 2021 at Spazju Kreattiv
One year after the death of one of the most respected authors and main critic of literature in Malta, Spazju Kreattiv is presenting an exhibition on Prof. Oliver Friggieri.
This commemorative project sheds light on notable episodes from his life through his writings, and never-before-seen illustrations that take a look at his thought process and personal upbringing. Visit the event page for more info.

Uncovering Transition – A Collaborative Exhibition

Running till 14th November at MUŻA

Throughout the Auberge d’Italie’s transformations and the transition of the space into the Malta National Community Art Museum, MUŻA went through several meticulous documentation phases with particular interest in the ongoing changes in the fabrication of the building. This documentation aided in the discovery of new layers and spaces within the Auberge’s finest nooks. Due to the Auberge d’Italie’s new purpose, that of an art museum, it was necessary to capture this conversion from more of an artistic perspective and so, a public call was issued. A number of photographers were selected to continue this journey with MUŻA-Heritage Malta’s team.

In ‘Uncovering Transition’, we can see representations of what these photographers experienced while working within the walls of the Auberge d’Italie which was being transformed into a space dedicated to inspiration and creativity. Participating photographers are Nigel Baldacchino, Therese Debono, Fritz Grimm, Ramon Portelli, Ritty Tacsum, Joe P Smith, and Stephen Vella. Visit the event page for more info.


Paved Road – by Dawit Adnew

Running till 21st November at Christine X Art Gallery
A collection of paintings of women and African masks by Ethiopian artist Dawit Adnew will be exhibited at Christine X Art Gallery. Visit the event page for more info.

ONDA – A Collaborative Filigree Exhibition

Running till 12th November at Desko

A collaboration between fine artists Karen Caruana and master craftsman Kevin Attard, this week-long showcase brings together contemporary drawing with classic filigree-working.
The pieces that will be displayed in the gallery space are not pieces of wearable jewellery, yet act as embellishments for their surroundings. Entitled ONDA, the title of the exhibition takes its name from the “waves of creativity” experienced by both Caruana and Attard, who worked closely to produce this body of work. By collaborating, the pair were able to build off each other’s creativity to form a fascinating and innovative new approach to a technique rooted in tradition. Visit the event page for more info.

Spaces in Suspension – A Collaborative Exhibition

Running till 12th December at Spazju Kreattiv
Spaces in Suspension is a collaboration between two photographers. Joe Smith and Therese Debono, both documentary photographers based in Malta, took up the role of contemporary archaeologists in this project which aims to document and preserve one of the most iconic hotels in Malta in the 70s. The Grand Hotel Verdala stands as an architectural ruin and serves as an allegory of Malta’s transition towards progress.
Yet even though left in a state of abandonment and decline the hotel still stands proudly awaiting its new fate. It is now in the process of demolition, but the photographers managed to obtain the necessary permits to shoot whilst some furniture and other artefacts were still on site. In some places, nature has also started its reclamation process. The collection also includes on-site portraits of some of the ex-staff of this once iconic landmark. Visit the event page for more info.

Past Continuos – by Alex Urso

Running till the 5th December at Spazju Kreattiv 

What significance does the word ‘archive’ have in our contemporary and digitally connected world? And how can artistic practice engage modern technologies to instil new meaning in archival material? A new body of work by artist Alex Urso takes these questions as a starting point, revisiting and reinterpreting material found in the Magna Żmien archive.

Urso lends materiality to the digital, endowing a three-dimensionality through installations and interactive collage. Imagery familiar to Maltese audiences – 20th century streetscapes, everyday scenes and portraits – are re-imagined and re-contextualised in a multiplicity of still and moving images. Visit the event page for more info.

Structures of the Mind – by Glenn Ellul

Running till 29th November at The Phoenicia Malta

Structures of the Mind — is an exhibition that presents a selection of seventeen artworks by the artist Glenn Ellul. The show will feature an exclusive solo exhibition, showcasing a series of tantalising pen drawings by this young emerging artist.
The artworks explore imaginative architectonic ethereal edifices, presenting intriguing, fine and meticulous graphic works which disclose the artist’s fascination for visionary architecture and appealing constructions, some of which are inspired by local monumental architecture. The works also reflect the artist’s mind and his pursuit to reinterpret space, defined by the syntax of architecture – such as scale, shape, tectonic principles and decorative artefacts. Visit the event page for more info.

Black clouds of smoke made the white clouds look dark – by CO-MA

11th November till 4th December at Lilly Agius Gallery

The debut show from artist CO-MA with his first collection of charcoal drawings. Visit the event page for more info.

Act Aeon – by Franco Navarro

12th November till 3rd December at The Malta Postal Museum

A collection of paintings and drawings by Franco Navarro exploring the moral side of ancient myths. What happens when humans meddle (as they often did) with Earth and Mother Nature? How do we today play out our often inconsistent relationship with our surroundings? Dedicated to Actaeon the hunter, we witness the terrible punishment meted out to unthinking individuals. Visit the event page for more info.

take me home (part 2) – by iella

17th November till 1st December at Desko

TAKE ME HOME is a debut show in the country of origin of UK-based Maltese illustrator Daniela Attard. The exhibition reflects on the process of leaving home, long-distance relationships, life in constant transit and the phases in-between. These personal experiences have been translated into complex drawings by the artist, reflecting on key lessons and experiences from the past few years. The drawings explore the themes of homesickness, nostalgia and the age old saga of trying to find one’s place in the world. Visit the event page for more info.

Aħmar Ħelu w’Qares – by Darren Tanti

19th November till 12th December at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq

Aħmar Ħelu w’Qares (Bittersweet Red) is artist Darren Tanti’s instinctive reaction to the most profound moments in his life; the incredible joy of blossoming life and the deep stoic sadness in the face of looming death. These events are very ‘unique’, but in the wider context of life, they are universal and frequent. Every unique story has been lived over and over again and shall be relived for innumerable times, and art is the proof of it.
Inspired by this reflection, Tanti’s works manifest the interaction between past and present. The large paintings permeate the space at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, inviting the viewer to feel engulfed within the artist’s thoughts and feelings. Most of the paintings presented are ‘reproductions’ of paintings from the past, artworks made by other artists in other centuries that show, in a way or another, the ongoing loop of human experiences.
Visit the event page for more info.

ROSA KWIR – by Roxman Gatt

19th November till 30th December at 38, Main Street, BALZAN, BZN 1259, MALTA
Rosa Kwir is an experimental virtual and physical archive, bringing together stories of trans men, non-binary and LBQI masculine presenting people. The title of this project was inspired by a story dating back to 1774 when Rosa Mifsud, a 17 year old intersex person, petitioned for a change in sex from female to male.
The archive is made up from the collection of ephemera, objects, live testimony and other material, which thus far has remained buried under the surface. We will be showcasing some of the material we have gathered through this project, as well as officially launching our publication, Rosa Kiwr: A Family Album, as well as our online archive. Visit the event page for more info.

SPRING v2.2 – A Collective Exhibition

Running from 19th November till 10th December at The Mill

The Foundation is welcoming Katel Delia, Kamy Aquilina and Noah Fabri as part of our SPRING Programme at The Mill. SPRING is a programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation to support early career contemporary artists. Supporting artists and collectives by exhibiting at The Mill has been a core principle of the Foundation and also of Gabriel and Mary Rose Caruana, the founders of The Mill – Art, Culture and Crafts Centre.Since 2017, the Gabriel Caruana Foundation has supported emerging artists by dedicating its exhibition space for solo exhibitions at The Mill. The process is varied and goes beyond simply supporting the set-up of an artistic showcase. Visit the event page for more info.

Virtuality – by JP Migneco

20th November till 3rd December at Bishop’s House 75, Rudolph Street, Sliema

‘Virtuality’ will include experimental artworks which explore ideas related to the increase of urban and virtual environments. The body of work incorporates grid patterns as metaphors for models of built environments and digital landscape simulations. These representations have been adapted to reflect ideas of the separation between human culture and nature in an increasingly complex technological world. Visit the event page for more info.

impossible conversations – by Francesca Balzan

26th November till 11th December at Studio 87
Impossible Conversations will be Francesca Balzan’s much anticipated first solo exhibition, after decades of studying and curating art and jewellery, she finally shares with us her terracotta sculptures. The artist being a recognized art historian, brings to her work a strong sense of narrative which plays on the social microhistories belonging to this very characteristic part of Valletta, that is the Ta Liesse area. With the sculptures recalling old and current colourful characters of the city, along with their distinct pastel colour palette and a touch of satire, these characters are brought to life. With this in mind, the artist is representing different people from different decades, even centuries, in a seemingly impossible conversation with each other.
Curated by Justine Balzan Demajo. Visit the event page for more info.

Hold on to the air in your pockets - A Collaborative Exhibition

9th December till 9th January at MUŻA

Hold on to the air in your pockets.
The residency brings together the work of Johannes Buch and Aidan Celeste. They will use their skills in publication to revisit and curate a narrative with contributions from experts in heritage and maritime, as well as collaborations with other artists. This research will be used to contextualize their personal interventions around the Grand Harbour, and focus on its relationship to great storms. How do we deal with such a radical force of nature? How does it shape our values and engagement? The project takes place under the guise of a reading room in the Residency Space at MUŻA. It will be the main site for the artists to engage their immediate community, and invite them to contribute through workshops, events, as well to present the design of a new site-specific intervention. Visit the event page for more info.

The Streak – Isabelle Borg retrospective

17th December till 16th January at Spazju kreattiv
The first thing that would draw your eye when meeting Isabelle was a white-greyish streak in her hair.
A streak can be defined as a mark that differs from its surroundings. This is exactly what Isabelle was and what her work is today, a mark imprinted in our local artistic community and cultural heritage. The works exhibited in this retrospective will continue to leave a mark through her ability to interpret her life into a diary of visuals made out of paintings, sculptures, suitcases, and sketchbooks. Visit the event page for more info.

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