Ongoing and Upcoming art exhibitions this April & May 2022

A whole new year , with all new art exhibitions.  Find out what local Artists, Galleries, Museums and organisations have been working on and discover what have they got in store for you over the coming weeks and months. We’ve put together a list of ongoing as well upcoming exhibitions set to open later in January and February, which you should definitely pay a visit to. Check them out below!

Something About You – Marinella Senatore

Running until 30th June 2022 at Blitz

Blitz is pleased to present SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, a ten-year survey exhibition of Marinella Senatore, curated by Sara Dolfi Agostini.

Something about you brings together paintings, drawings, videos, a new site-specific sculpture and a powerful public art work. Remember the first time you saw your name (2020) is a powerful phrase in a bold red light composition dominating St George Square, Valletta for the duration of the exhibition. The artwork is an enchanting blast from the past, evoking the Maltese custom of celebrating community during village festas and annual events with festoons, luminarie and light installations.

The exhibition Something about you should be understood as a tribute to museum visitors, casual onlookers who come across her sculptures in the public space or find inspiration in the open calls of the participatory project The School of Narrative Dance – even those who have never set foot in an art space before. Senatore puts them at the heart of the artistic action. As she conjures starting points, intersections and junctions to engage with people and their unique stories, she removes herself from the soapbox of the educator and lays the foundation for dialogue, a two-way exchange intended to encourage growth – and awareness – for all parties involved.
This exhibition is intended to inspire dialogue in Malta, at a time when collective action seems to be the most powerful tool for new beginnings and the birth of communities. As put by bio-political philosopher Judith Butler: “Freedom does not come from me or from you; it can and does happen as a relation between us, or, indeed, among us.” While emphasizing the stories and hidden potentials of individuals, Senatore does not distinguish between so-called low and high culture, and embraces the power of decontextualization to open up conceptual windows into an ever-changing humanity represented in plural form.

Visit the event page for more info.

The Feather Collector – Wioletta Kulewska

Running until 16th April at Valletta Contemporary

Wioletta Kulewska’s solo exhibition at Valletta Contemporary Art features her latest series of large-scale paintings, watercolours, collages, sculptures and installations; a body of work instigated during Kulewska’s residence at The Pedvāle Art Museum in Latvia, 2021.

Kulewska’s paintings oscillate between abstraction and representation. In her practice, she explores threads associated with spirituality and human relations within the natural world. Kulewska is interested in the imagery of prehistoric cultures, analysing its contents, signs and symbols. Her practice is informed by her travels — trips to the Baltic, Caucasus and Eastern Mediterranean territories have resulted in encounters within the ancient world, that have served at points of departure for the distinct narratives found in her extended body of work. Forms of peculiar souvenirs brought back from these expeditions, such as small artefacts or elements of nature (feathers, shells, bones), can be found across her canvases. The image thus becomes a kind of afterimage of the objects, impressions and experiences gathered, with Kulewska’s artistic practice combining elements of research across philosophy, archaeology and anthropology.

Visit the event page for more info.

MARA – A Collective Showcase and Exhibition

Running until 21st April at Bureau Iniala, Curated by Marie Gallery 5
Women’s month acts as a powerful platform globally that unifies tenacity, and drives action for gender parity while celebrating the social, cultural and economic achievements. Mara is both a celebration and statement of empowerment vs fragility, two contradicting terminologies used to describe women as a persona vs the physical bias.
This collective exhibition and showcase, features and celebrates 13 woman artists from different ages and paths within their artistic careers. Each using different approaches that define their artistic statements and presence within the art world. Together the works untangle stories and experiences creating a dialogue between the two terminologies, defining the meaning of both through a collective unified approach.


Organized and Curated by Marie Gallery 5 at Bureau Iniala,Valletta.

Sea Sunset Moon – Variations on Solitude

Running till 8th of May at Spazju Kreattiv

At the edges of perception midnight approaches like static…
Contained within the experience of solitude are two opposed ways of experiencing the world. Solitude is synonymous with melancholia, with abandonment and with pain, but on the other hand, solitude is also an invitation for self reflection.

Accompanied by the sound of a bird going to sleep in electric light…

Aloneness changes the abstract homes within which we become who we are. When we are alone spaces shift, relationships change, time alters its flow, and our own identities are constantly in flux. The unknown is curdled into potentiality and loneliness starts to glow with the possibility of the endless.

And the turn of a key in a lock in a room far away in the house of your being…

What does it mean to be solitudinous in the contemporary moment? Contained within the space of the COVID-19 pandemic which changed many things for all people, this project will manifest in a collective exhibition which seeks to find an answer, however tentative, to this question on what it truly means to be alone at a time where our routines have been forcibly changed.

Beneath the scythe of Saturn the sea sunset moon rises.

Art Interrupted – A Collective Exhibition 

Running till 17th April at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq

A collective exhibition exploring the Non-Finito

Participating Artists:
Mario Abela, Alex Attard, Aaron Bezzina, Daniel Borg, Gabriel Buttigieg, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Antoine Farrugia and Darren Tanti

“I always believed that my work should be unfinished in the sense that I encourage people to add their creativity to it, either conceptually or physically.” – Yoko Ono

The excitement generated by abandoned, interrupted, or deliberately uncompleted art is so powerful that a stylistic choice known as the Non-Finito, the cult of unfinishedness, was created.

Various reasons abound as to why artworks are left unfinished whether deliberate or not. Artists may abandon an artwork to move on to another project to remain inspired or because interest is lost in a particular piece. An artwork can be left unfinished for the artist to make a statement or due to other circumstances which may be totally beyond the control of the artist, such as an untimely death. Another reason is when consciously the artist decides to leave the work unfinished, in order to involve the viewer more.​

Art does not need to look finished to be complete and meaningful.

The Non-Finito holds an element of fascination, allure and intrigue where the viewer must rely on one’s creative imagination to complete the artwork.

Visit the event page for more info.


Endless Thinking – by Noel Attard

Running till 8th May at MUŻA
Endless Thinking: A series of artworks on mental health by Noel Attard
Curated by Hannah Dowling
The representation of mental health in art has long been a subject of intrigue. With an increasing awareness on mental health, be it through a sociological, psychological, or even artistic point of view, this is a theme which is arguably amongst the top tiers of thematic exploration in the twenty-first century. Endless Thinking – an exhibition of artworks on mental health by Noel Attard engages with this theme from a psychological and physiognomic point of view, whereby he attempts to understand the inner personality through the outward qualities of a person.

inKimika – Litho Lab Malta

Running till 8th May at MUŻA
It was at Atelier 10 where Lino Borg, Justin Falzon and Jesmond Vassallo, three Maltese artists and printmakers, joined forces with French master printmaker Laurent Nicolaï to experiment and learn more about the technique of lithography on stone. This resulted in Atelier 10 inviting other artists to create editions of their work and rediscover stone lithography. Therefore, 3 Maltese printmakers, 5 contemporary artists, a French lithographer and 2 lithographic workshops worked together for a revival of the long-lost technique of stone lithography, a process that was taken up enthusiastically in Malta by a significant group of artists throughout the 19th century but survived only in an industrial and commercial context in the 20th century.
For the first time in these last 100 years, five Maltese artists who had never used lithography before, were introduced to the medium. Vince Briffa, Sue Flask, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Paul Scerri and Robert Zahra all produced black and white images which exploited some of the possibilities of this process. The result entailed the creation of limited editions of very high-quality lithographs. The entire editions (no matter the size of the edition) were laboriously and individually printed one by one, by hand.

Parallel Realities

Running till 30th April at Lilly Agius Gallery

Scicluna will present paintings, sculptures, and limited edition prints.
The collection is a mix of different series of works, all with open-ended narratives, aiming to form a dialogue with the audience by raising questions about personal experiences within social constructs in parallel realities.

The Four Seasons – by Gabriel Buttigieg

Running till 22th April at 38, East Street, Valletta

The Four Seasons has been an inspiring subject for artists for centuries. With this unique solo exhibition, Gabriel Buttigieg executes his own personal representation of each season with a particular focus on the feminine. Each drawing and painting, woven like a colourful tapestry, will explore life in a mythological and archetypal manner. These four large canvas paintings will also focus on opposites, the divine challenged by the dark, dyads, triads, and elements which feature in fours. Apart from the paintings the exhibition also features four literary texts, each interpreting a season from a guest author, along with a video installation by Sarah Chircop, will also accompany these larger than life works.
In collaboration with Studio 87, the visitor is invited to a never seen before space in Valletta that together with these dynamic canvases, evokes the senses in more ways than one. You will find this temporary space at number 38, East Street, Valletta.

Curated by Justine Balzan Demajo

 Visit the event page for more info.


Running till 8th May at Arthall Gozo

This is the second solo exhibition of Tomas Hed at Arthall and a continuation of his “Perspectives” about the human condition. Focusing on what we are made of – mud, blood and dreams- he presents a series of paintings that are reflections of our limitations and, at the same time, of our will to overreach them, consciously or unconsciously. Femininity, human rationality, sanity, individuality, mortality, animality… are some of the issues that are molded on his canvas. The majority of the artworks are done recently, but the exhibition will also include some paintings of his days in Stockholm, more than 20 years ago.

 Visit the event page for more info.

Signiture 18 – A Collective Exhibition

Running till 24th April at Obelisk Gallery

Art collective exhibition at the new Obelisk Gallery for the inauguration. Eighteen leading contemporary Maltese artists will be showing one signature artwork.
Artists featured are: Victor Agius, Johanna Barthet, Celia Borg Cardona, Trevor Borg, Tony Briffa, Vince Briffa, Joyce Camilleri, Pawl Carbonaro, Mario Cassar, David Debono, Daminan Ebejer, Ryan Falzon, Anna Galea, Matyou Galea, Pierre Portelli, Richard Saliba, Paul Scerri, James Vella Clark.


Running till 16th April at The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Mqabba 

The Seven Sorrows of Mary – The Seven Deadly Sins

The number seven has been used in various aspects of life, throughout various cultures, partly because of its connection with eternity. From lunar phases to the hundreds of times it is mentioned in the bible, proverbs, idioms and superstition, seven – Sebgħa, is also the name given to the art exhibition by Mark Mallia and Etienne Farrell.

During the Holy Week the two artists will be showcasing seven artworks each. Mallia has chosen to interpret the seven deadly sins through crucifixions, whereas Farrell worked around the traditions of the seven sorrows of Mary.

The exhibition will be held at the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Mqabba from Sunday 10th April, to Saturday, 16th April. The work is a contemporary take on religion, aimed at raising questions about what it means to be human and about the umbrella term of suffering. What have we learned throughout more than two thousand years of history? What do we expect God to be and do? The duo has interpreted these and other questions through their original work, using different techniques and materials, that complement and communicate harmoniously.

Visit the event page for more info.

Redemption – by Jennings Falzon

Running till 16th April at Anima Art Studio

In this exhibition a collection of various original artworks by the artist Jennings Falzon will be on display at Anima art studio in Naxxar . The element of originality and authenticity in the artworks and even in the materials used is what makes this exhibition stand out.

Palettes – by Katarina Radovic

Running till 29th May at Spazju Kreattiv

The project Palettes which is the result of Katarina Radovic’s Artist’s Residency with Spazju Kreattiv is an exploration of Maltese identity, as a small, densely inhabited and multicultural society, seen through food (its preparation, presentation and consumption), expressed in the form of an installation of photographs and texts.
While exploring the repertoire of (a)typical dishes, eaten in multicultural families or communities in the Maltese islands, Katarina engaged in discussions with family members, taking photographs of them as well as of the associated dishes and/or particular groceries, spices, recipes, etc., and collecting their personal stories.
This work gives a general overview of traditions and conformities contrasted with personal tastes and inclinations, focusing on the respect and enjoyment of adopted cultural values as opposed to moments of occasional disagreement. In short, this work is the reflection of the colourful daily life of local people in Malta, and a metaphorical transformation of their palates into palettes.

Faces of Europe – by Carsten Sander

Running till 29th May at Spazju Kreattiv

German photo artist Carsten Sander captures the portraits of Europeans of different ethnicities, religions, and social backgrounds. Sander depicts celebrities, athletes, politicians, chance encounters on the street—all on equal terms, side by side.

Faces of the European Union is an impressive demonstration of European sentiment and a tribute to peaceful co-existence, tolerance and shared values. In a contemporary way, this project centers on the humanity, emotionality and visionary power of the European idea all across Europe, from Madrid to Riga, from Dublin to Bilbao.

 Visit the event page for more info.

Anthrop Sans Future – A Collective Exhibition

22th April till 13th May at Christine X Art Gallery

The pandemic has had artists shifting attention and understanding of the world around us. The selection of artworks for this exhibition shows this untimely influence of humans on climate and the environment, questioning how humanity plays part in the ecological downfall which finds society guilty of robbing from future generations for their short-term economic gain.
Artists featured in this exhibition are Chris de Souza Jensen, Darren Tanti, Kevin Attard, Mario Abela and Rupert Cefai.

 Visit the event page for more info.

The Little Room Upstairs  –  by Johanna Barthet

22th April till 16th May at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq

“When you’re alone, you’re yourself. It is the truest form of yourself.”
The little room upstairs has a dual reference point for the artist Johanna Barthet who considers the little room upstairs as a state of mind, when she is alone with her thoughts. It also refers to her art studio which is situated in a beautiful inspiring room upstairs in her home.
All the works in this exhibition are depicting female portraits, all staring directly at the viewer. Their stare is a powerful one that conquers the viewer’s own space and takes over. The use of props and backgrounds is a very minimal one and lacking detail, thus enhancing the dominance of the portrayed face and the crudeness of the truest self when one is alone without any distractions.
Painting female portraits has been Barthet’s preferred subject since she was very young. This is her second solo exhibition showing such portraits and the subject is becoming quite a synonym of Barthet’s oeuvre.
The love Barthet has for this subject matter and her art can be fully captured in her own words, where she describes her artworks as ‘putting love in a bottle’, where her portraits are magically captured and when she finishes working on a portrait, when the fleeting moment is gone, it is hard to conjure that sensation once again…

 Visit the event page for more info.


28th April till 25th June at Valletta Contemporary

An exhibition of moving image works by eleven renowned international artists.

Participating artists: Norbert Francis Attard (MT), Vince Briffa (MT), Robert Cahen (FR), Peter Campus (USA),Terry Flaxton (UK),Gary Hill (USA), Madelon Hooykaas (NL), Beryl Korot (USA), Chris Meigh-Andrews (UK), Michael Snow (CA), Yeoul Son, (KR) and Steina Vasulka (IS/USA).
This exhibition is centred on the theme of landscape, presenting work by artists who have pioneered the electronic moving image as an art form. The intention is to present a diverse range of attitudes and approaches to the genre, featuring works that explore the potential of the moving image to represent subjective, emotional or imagined exterior spaces.
The exhibited art works incorporate or depict the artist’s personal, intellectual or cultural perspective through images of the natural world- often, but not always in juxtaposition to man-made artefacts or situations.

Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews

Visit the event page for more info.

Identity of an Island

1st May till 22th May at Teatru Astra

This event is a celebration of Gozo’s identity through a contemporary art collective and an art-historical conference, under the direction of Dr Mark Sagona, taking place in Gozo in May 2022.

Visit the event page for more info.

Dark Malta Visual Art Exhibition

1st May till 15th May at Volunteer Centre, 17 St. Benedict Street

Dark Malta Visual Art Exhibition
In collaboration with DJ Hades, this year’s edition of THE Dark Malta FESTIVAL will also include a visual Art exhibition. The participants are Joseph Bugeja, Franco Navarro and Sara Pace. The three artists worked together on three different themes that fit the concept of the Festival which will feature International Metal/Industrial and Gothic rock bands.
The art produced for Dark Malta will offer the following themes, the Seven Deadly Sins by Joseph Bugeja, Inferno by Franco Navarro, and Apocalypse by Sara Pace. The three collaborated and shared ideas on their concepts in order to offer an artistic, but dark, experience to the visitors. Joseph’s Seven Deadly Sins always portray a female figure that symbolizes Malta and all the sins and vices that its society is inflicting on the island. Franco’s work is inspired by Dante’s Hell and takes a twisted psychological interpretation of the poem. Sara will display a number of pen and ink drawings with human vices such as Greed and Gluttony. Her works are particularly in line with contemporary events both through the pandemic and the current war in Ukraine.
In essence, the three are trying to showcase human vices, something very typical of Goth and Metal music since the 70s. Judging from the world’s current events, it is no surprise that such negative feelings, based on fear and anxieties are quite appealing to a considerable number of people, particularly in Northern Europe. Yet, Malta, with all its sunshine, is also getting Darker…

Visit the event page for more info.

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