Ongoing and upcoming art exhibitions this September & October

What have local artists been working on recently? What have they got in store for you over the coming weeks and months? We’ve put together a list of ongoing as well upcoming exhibitions set to open later in September and October , that you should definitely pay a visit. Check it out!

‘SPRING v1.4’ – Group Show

Running until September 24 at the Gabriel Caruana Foundation (The Mill), Birkirkara.

SPRING is back! SPRING is a programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation to support early career contemporary artists. Supporting artists and collectives by exhibiting at The Mill has been a core principle of the Foundation. With works by Abigail Agius, Rhea Micallef Gavin and Martina Spiteri. Visit the event page for more info.

‘P A N D E M O N J U – P A N D E M I K U – P E N A L I’  by Charlene Gálea

Running until September 25 at Balzan (kommunhuvudort).

Pandemonju, pandemiku, penali by Performance artist Charlene Galea is on show in a new secret pop-up location in Balzan. This installation and performance are a result of Charlene’s experience working at the back of the house in a vaccine center. She questions how the Covid-19 vaccination has been perceived in different forms by the public, moments of chaos, drama, and dependence. Charlene questions and examines her feelings throughout and how the vaccination process during her work has influenced her.

The main wall hanging piece filled with batch codes from hundreds of vaccines; was created in a confined space making the process of this large work almost a performance in itself. Whereby Charlene had to navigate different ways on how these batch numbers were marked on canvas and imprinted forever. Visit the events page for more info.

‘GRAVITY’ – Group Show

Running until September 30 at Blitz, Valletta.

Gravity is a dual concept. In physics, it is a force of attraction, yet it is weak enough to not change the property of matter. It controls bodies in space, and binds them to the Earth, where it bestows them weight. Gravity is the condition we live in as human beings, regardless of our ethnicity, gender and cultural background; it also relates to our own bodies and the relationship with others. With works by Kane Cali, John Coplans, Jesse Darling, Simon Fujiwara, Eva Kotátková, Adrian Paci, and Pierre Portelli. Visit the event page for more info.

‘Din hi li hi’ by Patrick Dalli

September 17 – October 12 at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, Mqabba.
Patrick Dalli
The exhibition title encapsulates it all. It is what it is. In this exhibition, Dalli, is presenting his real self and his love for the nude painting and the human figure. The exhibition is proposing a selection of drawings that portray the freshness and crispness of his style – from drawings and ‘primi pensieri’ to beautifully finished works – all executed during sittings with models. Visit the event page for more info.

‘Current/s II’ – A Collective Exhibition

September 27 – October 12 at Desko, Valletta.
After the success of CURRENT/S in February 2021, DESKO is excited to announce the second installment of this spotlight series.From the 27th of September until the 12th of October, the gallery space will be open to the public for an exhibition of current works by artists Ġulja Holland, Rhea Micallef-Gavin, Tina Mifsud, Maria Borg, and Marie Claire Farrugia.
An all-female show, the works are not solely connected by the artists’ gender, but by each artist’s fresh approach to the current arts scene.These passionate artists – still in their formative years on the gallery circuit – are eager to show the public what’s to be expected from the new generation of contemporary painters and printmakers. Visit the events page for more info.

‘MALTA – TUNIS – MARSEILLE’ by Katel Delia

September 17 – October 31 at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta.
Katel Delia’s Malta-Tunis-Marseille exhibition is based on a true story. It explores a Maltese family’s complex journey of migration that started one century ago, in its search for a better life. It is about looking for a space to inhabit that feels like home, and being pushed out again because of external issues. As it echoes the life-story of many migrants, the exhibition asks: Where can you find a shelter when your native country does not accept your return? Visit the event page for more info.

‘When Your Voice Shakes’ by Ġulja Holland

September 22 – October 6 at Studio 87, Valletta.
Gulja Holland

‘When Your Voice Shakes’ shall be Ġulja Holland’s third solo show in Malta and marks her return to the local art scene following her move to London in 2019. Thematically, the exhibition links to her previous solo exhibition which was reflected upon man’s impact on the natural environment. In her new body of work, the artist offers a more intimate and localised interpretation of a global crisis. Visit the event page for more info.

‘Uncovering Transition’ – A Collaborative Exhibition

September 17 – November 14 at MUŻA, Valletta. 
Throughout the Auberge d’Italie’s transformations and the transition of the space into the Malta National Community Art Museum, MUŻA went through several meticulous documentation phases with particular interest in the ongoing changes in the fabrication of the building. This documentation aided in the discovery of new layers and spaces within the Auberge’s finest nooks. Due to the Auberge d’Italie’s new purpose, that of an art museum, it was necessary to capture this conversion from more of an artistic perspective and so, a public call was issued. A number of photographers were selected to continue this journey with MUŻA-Heritage Malta’s team.
 In ‘Uncovering Transition’, one can see representations of what these photographers experienced while working within the walls of the Auberge d’Italie which was being transformed into a space dedicated to inspiration and creativity.
 Participating photographers are Nigel Baldacchino, Therese Debono, Fritz Grimm, Ramon Portelli, Ritty Tacsum, Joe P Smith, and Stephen Vella. Visit the events page for more info.

‘Rajt ma rajtx … naf li rajt’ by Matthew Attard

September 25 – November 15 at Valletta Contemporary.
Matthew Attard

Deriving from a local oral tradition the title hints at taking on a playful yet critical approach to interpreting socio-political contexts. Whilst in Maltese, the original phrase: rajt ma rajtx … smajt ma smajtx (I/you saw but I/you did not see … I/you heard but I/you did not hear) instils a code of silence behaviour commonly known as omertà, it also subtly hints at the complacency of individuals to act or react to ongoing happenings. Albeit slight, the intentional modification to the phrase makes a direct reference to Matthew’s dialogue with an eye-tracker in their intention of drawing with the eyes. Visit the event page for more info.

Visions of Peace by Eduard Milan

30th September till 15th October 111Art Gallery, Gzira

111 ART is pleased to present the exceptional work of the spiritualist Eduard Milan to the public on the 30th of September 2021. This exhibition is for Art connoisseurs who have a taste for Outsider Art, and for novel art collectors who want to dwell deeper into the world of art. The visionary art of Eduard Milan, now in his 70’s, is sure to enthral the viewers with its dizzying complexity, vortexes of swirling psychedelic patterns and labyrinthine designs of skies that look like maps with pathways to other worlds. Unlike most other of the exhibitions 111 ART has presented so far, this body of work shows a selection from the last thirty years of private moments of meditation during which Milan painted whilst communicating with his angelic guides. This collection is about showing a private world to the public in which art was produced as a necessity and not as a product, making this unique and very different from contemporary artists who seek to play an active role in society. The opening will be held at 111 ART Gallery, at Garden Street, Gzira and Abate Rigord Street, Ta’ Xbiex on Thursday 30th September at 7 pm. A complimentary drink will be served. The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm onwards up until Friday 15th October.

64a, Flat 1

1st October till 31st October at Arthall Gozo

The unforeseeable events of 2020 led artists Burlὸ and Lydia Cecil to a flat in Xaghra. Here they set up a studio overlooking Marsalforn valley that gradually turned greener as autumn moved to winter. Hiding away from Malta and London respectfully, the works they produced were directly inspired by the island of Gozo. Like many during the pandemic home became their workplace. For Burlὸ and Lydia, 64a Flat 1 became the site that collated their separate and complimentary interpretations of Gozo.
Prior to the pandemic, Lydia’s figurative oil painting took her from London to Florence to Samoa, where she painted on location and from life. Deprived of life models to work from in 2020, Lydia turned to photography to get her figurative references. This opened new opportunities for capturing people in candid, unscripted moments. Taking a vast assortment of spontaneous imagery back to 64a Flat 1, Lydia painted sensitive portrayals of Gozitans from the viewpoint of the unseen observer.
Swapping the pen and ink of his political cartoons for brush and oils, Burlò’s new body of work still retains his brand of social commentary born from his lived experiences on the island of Gozo.
His still-lifes celebrate locally sourced produce, while his landscapes depict the diminishing beauty of Marsalforn Valley and Gozo as a whole.

PASSIVATION - An exhibition of limited edition photographs by Matt Thompson

8th October till the 17th October at Studio 87, Valletta

Award winning British photographer Matt Thompson will unveil his most recent series of work entitled ‘Passivation’, a series of unique prints at the Studio 87 art gallery between 8th and 17th October 2021.

‘Xlokk Kaħlani’ by Kamy Aquilina

October 21 – November 11 at the Malta Society of Arts, Valletta
Kamy Aquilina

‘Xlokk Kaħlani’ unfolds through an intensive documentative research project highlighting a life in Birżebbuġa experienced by the artist, Kamy Aquilina. The “camera”, being used as the main artistic tool, enables the artist to develop experimental works blending photography, light and sound installation, and alternative drawing approaches. Visit the event page for more info.

‘Refraction’ – Group Show curated by Bobb Attard

September 10 – October 24 at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

REFRACTION is a celebration of what is often unseen, glossed over, or misunderstood. A recognition that the ongoing fight for LGBTIQ+ rights is global.The platform travels beyond the West, and past homoerotic cliches and heteronormative bubbles that we are accustomed to;highlighting the multitude of experiences faced by LGBTIQ+ individuals from different parts of the world.REFRACTION echoes a sense of strength, resilience, and power, illuminating every colour in the rainbow, and others. Visit the events page for more info.

‘Reconstructed Landscape’ by Thea Vella

October 22 – November 5 at the Marie Gallery, Mosta
‘Reconstructed Landscapes’ raises awareness of our surroundings. Emerging artist, Thea Vella based in Malta, has immersed herself in a discovery of how her surroundings connect and disconnect each space through patchwork; using texture, colors, and tones.Basing herself out of photographic memory and imagination she has fragmented and recreated a series of soft, and almost floating-like landscapes, which channel a whole new perspective on her surroundings. Throughout the entire process, she has come to realize and appreciate the time she has allowed herself to observe these landscapes, identify the part which resonates with her, making her more at one with her surroundings, which consequently has led to self-growth and understanding.
 Through this body of work, Thea invites us to reimagine the landscape we live in, be more aware of what surrounds us and construct our own interpretation. Visit the events page for more info.

‘Elective Affinity’ by Nadette Clare-Talbot and Caroline O’Callaghan 

October 14 – at Lily Agius Gallery, Sliema.

Drawing inspiration from their different artistic backgrounds, Nadette and Caroline began collaborating in Malta in 2019 and ultimately formed their collective,, in early 2021.  Their launch collection, Elective Affinity, showcases their complementary talents which are inspired by a powerful, shared aesthetic.  Each of the twelve works showcased in the exhibition began with a visual idea, which was typically developed into a three-dimensional botanically themed sculpture, followed by a live installation and, finally, a photographic image that captures the theatrical magic of their unique artistic approach.

20×20 International Art Exhibition: 2nd Edition

October 1 – October 15 at Christine X Art Gallery Sliema as well as online between the 1st and 17th October. 
Following an international artist call for works of art sized 20x20cm in all mediums, 30 artists (who work with photography, digital art, drawings, paintings of different mediums as well as paper art) were selected . 17 artists are Maltese or based in Malta and the remaining 13 come from countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Over a hundred artworks in all will be exhibited at Christine X Art Gallery as well as online between 1st and 17th October 2021.
Artists from Malta are Alaine Baker, Ana Carolina Tanti, Clint Calleja, Daphne Bugeja, Glenn Ellul, Jacob Sammut, Joseph P. Smith, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Kevin Attard, Kyle Xuereb Cunningham, Michelle Gialanze, Rupert Cefai, Sheldon Saliba, Steffi Venturi, Stephen Micallef, Steven Xuereb Haber, and Sue Flask.
Others include Anna Bussot (Spain), Dawit Adnew (Ethiopia), Desmond Kenny (Ireland), Ekaterina Glazkova (Russia), Janet Hockley (UK), Jenya Stashkov (Russia), Madas David (Romania), Mona KV (Malaysia), Nelly Schneider (Italy), Olga Rerbo (Israel), Panagiotis Ferentinos (Greece), Pawel Pacholec (Poland) and Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja (Indonesia). Visit the events page for more info.

In Dialogue, Art Exhibition by HOASA

4th october and 9th October at University of Malta

We are pleased to announce the launch of our next exhibition in collaboration with Betapsi – the Malta Psychology Students’ Association.
‘In Dialogue, Art Exhibition’ is an attempt to express the internal struggles of people experiencing mental illness through the expressive medium of visual art in light of Mental Illness Awareness Week.The exhibition will be open from Monday 4th to Friday 8th October from 07:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday 9th October from 09:00 till 12:15. It shall take place at the UoM Main Library foyer and will coincide with the KSU Freshers’ Week 2021.
We invite you all to visit during the opening of ‘In Dialogue’ on Monday 4th where we will have guest speakers delivering brief talks. We also encourage you to attend during the rest of the week to meet the artists who will share their creative concepts, and also people who will share their struggles with mental health.
Poster: Francis Bacon, ‘Self-Portrait’ (detail), 1975, oil and dry transfer lettering on canva.

‘Out of Now – Beauty Reimagined’ by Alex Attard

October 14 – November 14 at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, Mqabba.
'Poppy Rose' by Alex Attard
Withering flowers, wilted, wrinkled, and rapidly fading from existence. ‘Out Of Now’ is a metaphor on permanence and impermanence. It represents creation/extinction, earthly/divine, reflection/termination. The photographer interrupts the ‘Now’, reinterprets the future and reconfigures impermanence.Having dazzled with their beauty at their peak, ‘Out of Now’ may be viewed as a reversal of the flower’s role wherein the flower becomes the pollinator instead of the pollinated, impregnating the photographer’s psyche with their current aesthetic. Consequently, these expiring blooms drifting at the edge of uncertainty are reimagined and cast onto another dimension for future retrospection, thereby extending the legacy of their short existence.

Debatable Land (S)- closing event

22nd October – 24th October

Debatable Land(s) is the final 3-days exhibition with performative interventions of a year long research and conversations, exploring how territories, lands and spaces are formed, and what conflicting interests influence these delineations.
Debatable Land(s) is a collaborative project by the Maren Richter and Klaus Schafler / Grammar of Urgencies Collective , Greta Muscat Azzopardi, and Unfinished Art Space / Margerita Pulè with the participation of 53 collaborators who were part of our debates and exhibitions.
Artists: Kristina Borg, Tom van Malderen, Raphael Vella, Magna Żmien, Josephine Burden, Charlene Galea.
Performative interventions: Fatima Amn, Dali Agrebi & Chakib Zidi, Josephine Burden, Tina Camilleri, Charlene Galea, Justin Galea, Rachelle Vella
The project is funded by Arts Council Malta, Project Fund.

Chasing Rainbows by Rosanna Ciliberti

Extended till the 5th October at Rudy Buhler, The Colour Art Project, Marsaskala

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