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A space for artists, art professionals, and leaders within the industry to connect, reach their audience, showcase their work, collaborate and grow collectively. 

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Being part of a growing community allows you to reach your audiences more effectively. Combined with the right tools to showcase your experience, get endorsed for your work and connect with future clients.  Being connected makes it so much easier and accessible for everyone.

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Need advice? feedback? or just want to collaborate? Ask the community on Art Talks. Let’s share our experience, resources and grow collectively.


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A community of artists, art professionals, leaders, and institutions within the visual arts.


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An accessible platform to navigate and engage with artists, art professionals, creative projects, events and more. We want to make it easier for you to reach and explore the art community, creating  different ways for connection and engagement.


Get to know our community, their artwork, projects and experiences. They are a reflection of their personal and professional identity.


Engage and support members by endorsing their profile through a review, commenting on their work or give feedback through Art talks. 


Up for a collaboration or call? Reach the community by posting your opportunity on art talks. Or even better post a call to create further engagement. 


Interested in events, workshops, exhibitions? or want to share your own? List or explore them here.  


Connect & Support

Through Collaborate we create ways on how we help & promote our member’s professional growth. We look for collaborations across every sector being finance, marketing, enterprise, consultancy & more. Together we believe we can do so much more ! 

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Get to know our community, stay connected with their stories, experiences, ongoing news and collaborations. Get direct access to guides, resources and more!
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