Let's create a stronger community together

Our partnerships take different forms and shapes however the main objective is to create resources, opportunities for our members to benefit and grow. 

Why Us?

Our centralised network and access to the artistic community ensures a more effective impact. We understand the value and importance of creating an ethos around your company, service or institution. Becoming a partner can have a genuine impact on the artistic community as well as enrich your approach and  connect your brand with the right audience.


We are open to all sectors as long as they bring added value and resources to our community.

Private Companies



Service Providers

Creating meaningful connections is what we do. Seeing one collaboration succeed or, even better result in another collaboration is what makes us happy.


Collaborations come in different forms, we are here to make them work!


Who is our target audience?
What is the end result?
What is the message we want to send across?


Application process, digital implementation, deadlines, criteria, requirements, agreements. Ticking all the boxes.


Marketing campaigns throughout all social platforms and the platform itself.


We can select an independent team of judges, or help you filter your selection.


Reward announcement, and marketing.


Creating connection is what we do, ensuring it is a success is our duty.

Ready to collaborate with our community?

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