Born to Connect

ARTZ ID is the first online social network for the visual arts community. A centralised space for artists, professionals and industry leaders to connect, engage and reach new opportunities. Born from the need to create an accessible and less fragmented art industry in a time where one must re-imagine new ways of connectivity, dialogue and collaboration.

Apart from its technical functionality, ARTZ ID is about building a stronger and collective community through enabling easy access and awareness about its members and their work. ARTZ ID helps its members reach new audiences and achieve sustainable professional growth by acting as a motivator and by supporting its participants through different aspects of their careers, including showcasing their work and connecting them with prospective employers.

Our values

What we
stand by


We are the glass-half-full kind of people who always look for opportunities to make things better.


Finding how we can work together is where the magic is. We like to make this easier for everyone.


We empower, elevate and give hope. We deliver a vision and turn it into a mission.


The kind of friend who can tell you the truth with lots of kindness. Someone you can really trust.


What we
want to accomplish

Connecting our community with new audiences and opportunities. Creating more impact an awarness about their work and profession in the arts. 

Creating a connecting point between to local and international scene. Putting the Maltese visual arts community on the map.

Enabling an entrepreneurial mindset within the community. Encourgaing and supporting professional and sustainible growth.  

Finding new ways on how to make art and its surrounding accessible to the public through technology and innovation. 

ARTZ ID is inspired by artists, professionals, and leaders in the visual arts community. Their passion, motivation and constant battle to challenge the norm has always been my main driving force. My role in the industry has always been that of facilitating connections between art, public, and business. I like to think of this project as the friend you reach out to when you need an extra hand.

Maria Galea


Meet our Advisors

David Curmi

Business Strategy

Daren Tanti


Austin Camilleri

Artistic Excellence

Our Supporters

Proudly supported by Arts Council Malta Trough the Creative Industries Platform.