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Here are some popular questions we have been asked.
Basic Information
What is ARTZ ID?

An online community for visual arts professionals, creatives and leaders designed to connect them with collaborators, resources, experiences and opportunities. The platform allows its member to showcase their professional portfolio including their work, project and experience. Whilst creates a space for dialogue, feedback and discussion. 

Who is ARTZ ID for?

ARTZ ID welcomes both professionals from the visual arts as well as the general public, art lovers and collaborators to engage and connect. 

What is my profile type?

The network enables three different types of profiles;

  1. For individuals Members
  2. For institutions Members
  3. For general public, named 'Art Explorer'

If you are a professional in the arts and would like to login as an art explorer to browse the community without joining you are more than welcome to do so. 

How can I subscribe to email notifications?

As a member you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list and will periodically reciev email updates with the latest news and features from the network as well as upcoming events and opportunities. 

What is the process to join?

Members and Institutions go through an onboarding process whereas an art explorer can subscribe immediately. 

Why should I join if I already have my own website?

It's great that you have your own website! A presence on artzid is not just a showcase, on the other hand it is encourages audiences to connect and reach out with you. Being a member means that you are part of a community of like-minded individuals ready to promote you, support you and motivate you to achieve more. 

Is it a free service?

The platform is free with no barrier to entry or hidden costs. However in the future we will add new functionalities and allowances  which will be available through a paid subscription. There will always be the free option. 

Can I use Artz Id to headhunt for talent or services?

YES, YES, YES. That is music to our ears! You can navigate and engage with the community directly or you can also post a call in our call section. This call can be anything form a commission, job or space. 

What are the different functionalities between each user?

 Members and Institutions have the same functionalities, whereas Art Explorers can only post a call or engage with the community through messages and art talks.

I am experiencing technical issues

Our support desk is ready to assist. Please email your difficulties on [email protected].

Why was my application refused?

We're sorry to hear that!  Here are some reasons why your member access may have not been activated.


ARTZ ID requests URL links to your website, social media channels and other online platforms where you have a presence in order to gauge the level and quality of your engagement with the visual arts community. Your online presence should reflect your identity and your ongoing work as an arts practitioner. We are interested in learning about the type of work you do and how you choose to present it. It is very important for us that all our members take their artistic practice seriously and in a digital age, a solid online presence is often a good indicator of this. If you feel that your current online presence is not an accurate reflection of your practice and prefer sending us individual files instead, feel free to do so. If you require assistance with creating a new website or figuring out your online presence, we are also here to help. 


We are looking for individuals or institutions who form part of the visual arts industry and community.  We deeply value any other forms of arts, however the platform has been specifically dedicated to create focus on the visual arts community and industry. If you are have indirect connection to the visual arts community which is not represented online, but would like to enhance it through ARTZ ID, please feel free to reach out to us via email. 


We welcome members from entry level to highly established. However we give importance and value to the body of work they create, consistency how it is presented in public and that it represents their artistic identity. 


As mentioned previously we support and value every stage of an artist or art professionals stage in their professional growth.  That is young upcoming, emerging, mid career, and established. However we look for members who have in some way or another actually experienced the artistic community through projects, events, education, work placements or collaborations. This diversifies amateur artists to those who view their art as a progressive career rather than a hobby. 

Style and Form 

Being a network for a contemporary art community we promote and support those whom embrace contemporary art in all its forms. Even though we do appreciate technical abilities and know how, our focus is to embrace those who work within a contemporary art context. They don't need to have a polished artistic identity however creativity and authenticity are at core. 

What qualifications do i need to become a member?

Our members are all connected by their aspiration to grow through their artistic career. Taking your artistic career seriously is important to us. Members are requested to share a link which will help us identify you involvements in the arts. 

Can self taught artists join?

Sure, self taught artists can join as members. 

What kind of Images can i upload?

If you want to take your artistic career professionally then you must have good quality photos of your works and projects. Images need to be taken either professionally or width a good camera. Artwork should be always cropped with no background or else a white plain background.

Will my images be removed if they are not up to standard?

We are here to safeguard your interest. You will be notified by our team if your image is not up to standard and be advised to replace it. 

What kind of institutions are accepted?

Our Institution profiles allow both public and private organisations to show their work and engage with the community directly. Every institution must have a good track record and online presence. 

My Profile
Who can see my profile?

Anyone can view your profile however only logged in users can engage with you directly through messages, art talks and follows. 

What is a project?

A project can be anything from an exhibition to a commission. Most projects are oriented towards a specific task accomplishment or engagement. Projects are a very important part of your professional career as they allow you to explore new avenues of audience engagement, new collaborations and endorsements. 

What is media?

You can upload any media, press releases of photos from events to show your personal engagement within the community. You can also post work in general. Media is an overview of who you are. 

How di increase my reviews?

Start off my reviewing and endorsing others. This will encourage them to endorse you back if they off course have worked with you or are familiar with your work. If not encourage your friends to review your profile and support you professionally. 

What is the difference between connect and follow?

Connect is for members you personally engage with or what to connect with. Follow is more generic term directed towards people who like what you do and want to follow your work. 

Can i delete my profile?

Yes you can always delete your profile by accessing your settings from your profile drop down.