Studio Space Open Call – KBIC X ARTZ ID

The collaboration between KBIC and ARTZ ID to provide affordable studio space for creative practitioners within the semi-industrial centre, offering subsidised rates and functioning as a co-sharing space, marks a significant stride in supporting local artists and nurturing creativity. By harnessing KBIC’s expertise in industrial spaces and ARTZ ID’s dedication to the arts, this partnership aims to address the pressing need for accessible workspaces in the creative sector. This initiative not only promises artists affordable and conducive environments to pursue their craft but also fosters collaboration and innovation within a shared workspace model. As a result, the cultural landscape of the community stands to benefit, with increased opportunities for artistic expression and engagement.

Mentorship and support

A tailored mentorship and promotional programme will be offered to the selected applicant to provide support  in developing their professional practice and enterprise.

Selection criteria

  • Professional development aspirations
  • Creative process and authenticity of work
  • Commercial feasibility of proposed project
  • The Impact of the use of space and services provided to the applicant and how will this enhance their current work, project and development.

Selection Process

A separate jury will be selected to go through the applicants. Incomplete forms will be rejected and the Corporation shall have the right to reject any Expression of Interest received. Additional documentation may be requested during the evaluation process.


Interested participants for the rental studio space should be aware of the following timelines:

  • 4th March 2024: Launch of the Programme
  • 12th March 2024: Start date of Expression of Interest
  • 5th April 2024: Closing date of Expression of Interest
  • 5th – 10th April 2024: Evaluation of projects
  • 10th April 2024: Publication of results
  • April 2024: Issuing of studio spaces contract
  • May 2024: Start date of mentoring programme

Application process may take up to 6 min. 

About the Programme and Collaboration

Malta Enterprise, through the launch of the L-Arti bħala Intrapriża, is inviting local and international creative enterprises seeking to enhance skills and artistic development to participate in a series of initiatives supported by this programme. This endeavor offers several opportunities for the Creatives such as subsidised artist studios within the Kordin Business Incubation Centre, Workshop and Seminars, Events and Exhibitions as well as an opportunity for a site specific art work commission open call. Indeed, this programme aims to foster an atmosphere of artistic growth and experimentation while offering the possibilities to bring together, innovation, entrepreneurship and artistic expression.

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