Room for Speculation: Latest Mqabba exhibition invites viewers to contemplate environmental destruction

Mqabba’s Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq is back with another exhibition, this time showscasing Peter Seychell‘s work in his latest solo show Room for Speculation, where the viewers are directly invited to contemplate and question the impact human-centered decisions are having on our surrounding environment.  

Curated by Melanie Erixon from Art Sweven, Peter Seychell ingeniously incorporates the exhibition venue as an integral part of his conceptual framework, as he presents a collection of works centred around nature—an untouched, pristine nature, far removed from human influence.

Peter Seychell is renowned for his intricate artworks portraying utopian landscapes and idyllic scenery, each imbued with a solemn sense of solitude. This new body of work serves as a continuation of this theme, inviting viewers to engage in contemplation and speculation regarding how and why humans are exploiting and destroying their natural habitat, and consequently, themselves.

By conceptually transforming the Kamra ta’ Fuq into the “Room for Speculation”, Seychell invites viewers to immerse themselves in a space surrounded by his artworks, providing an opportunity for profound reflection and an enhanced appreciation of the immense beauty of nature. However, Seychell’s work also functions as an indirect commentary on the stark reality—a significant departure from the idyllic scenes depicted. His art subtly alludes to the repercussions of Speculation, excessive development, exploitation, and the degradation of pristine lands, in a never-ending quest for fossil fuel’s, minerals, farming…and now, ironically, lithium mining. All contributing to the unfortunate truth of how humanity is systematically harming the very planet it calls home.

Peter will be again collaborating with Ecovis to raise funds during this exhibition. The artist will be donating 10% of sales to Shawn Mifsud who is trying to raise enough funds to get bionic prosthesis after having lost both arms and both legs. Ecovis will be donating the same value raised by the artist.

The exhibition opened on 9th February and is available for viewing until 3rd March. 

The Burning by Peter Seychell

Peter Seychell | About 

Peter Seychell (b. 1967), although qualified as a draughtsman by profession, Peter’s career has been mostly pharma related setting up and managing various companies involved in pharmaceutical importation, distribution as well as manufacture. He exhibited a strong artistic inclination from a young age. However, for more than 35 yeas he harboured these inclinations towards art and the art scene choosing instead to fully focus all his energies on his business.

It wasn’t until around five years ago that he shifted his focus. After many years of endless hours at work, Peter decided to take a step back and focus much of his energies on his art. Seychell’s artistic style is best described as eclectic. For him, art knows no rules, fixed styles, or limits. It serves as a realm where he can express himself freely, without constraints or inhibitions. Engaging in multiple artworks simultaneously and in different styles, Seychell is particularly drawn to the alluring medium of ink. His signature works involve intricate drawings, where he invests hours to achieve detailed precision. In his later works, he embraces a freer style, predominantly executed in ink, depicting scenes enveloped in mystery.

Seychell has participated in various collective exhibitions and his debut solo exhibition, titled Baħħ was held in 2023.

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