MONUMENT: Interdisciplinary exhibition at R Gallery stands as testament to artistic independence

A monument, a memory device, first manifested as a place of burial before the building of memorial structures – objects that make us think, tell stories, and remind us of enduring evidence or examples of people, their actions, and events.

MONUMENT is the latest interdisciplinary group exhibition by Charlie Cauchi, John Banthorpe, Teresa Sciberras, and Gilbert Calleja, produced by R Gallery opening Friday 15th at 7pm at Sliema’s R GalleryThrough the study of objects and vessels, notions of material fragility are challenged within an anonymous empty space. They allow for the exploration of perceived or real fragility, eccentricity, as well as the strangeness of form.An archaeological journey, recovery and reconstruction, is a reflection on stories and artifacts fabricated and obscured by time and fiction. Here, moments become monuments, they negate the monumental and celebrate cumulative gestures and acts that form a significant whole.Layers unravel and expose a world teetering on the edge of revelation and concealment. With deft strokes and cunning compositions, we are invited to question the very fabric of reality and the depths of spatial illusion.

MONUMENT stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of artistic independence and innovation. It is a celebration of the boundless power of four local artists’ work and practice. Four artists grounded on an island, whose work resonates with the echoes of its past, present, and future.

The exhibition will be open until 1st May 2024, R Gallery, 26 Tigne Street, Sliema.

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