In conversation with Christine Xuereb Seidu on 20×20 Exhibition by Christine X gallery

Following last year’s success, this is the second time you’re taking the initiative to exhibit work from international artists at your gallery. How has this experience been for you?

We have come to realise that this has been a great opportunity for local and foreign artists alike to get their work seen by different audiences and for us it has been a great experience in recognising all the talent and variety that there is out there. We have welcomed digital art, intaglio prints, photography, drawings and paintings of all mediums.

The body of work being exhibited is quite diverse and altogether creates a colourful collage. Can you tell us more about your thinking and working process behind choosing the best works for this exhibition?

The whole concept of this yearly exhibition is all about the size of the artwork being 20×20 and no theme or medium requirement was set, which meant that artists were given the opportunity to create any theme and in any medium that they feel more comfortable in. Last year was limited to just paper works but we decided to not limit artworks to paper this year.  From our end when it came to choosing from 120+ artists, we first selected those we felt were of better quality, then we tried to seek those that stood out from the norm, narrowing down the number to just 30 artists.

What should the viewer expect to see?

We are always in need of artworks that are either small in size and/or of minimal budgets as we always have clients who are looking for gifts to buy. We also find the need for artworks that are of particular sizes to fill in odd spaces people often find the need to fill. We feel that this body of work is very diverse in styles and themes and there’s always a work that stands out for each individual and for this reason and the size and budget requirements, we believe that our selection can make great gifts, especially since we are approaching Christmas. It’s a great time to support the local art scene at the same time.

Could we expect to see another exhibition similar to this in the future?

This was the second edition and we intend to stick to this as a yearly event until 2029. Of course, we will have different exhibitions too but this will be the recurring event. Any artist who’d like to be notified on our artist calls may subscribe to our Artist Calls here.

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