Catherine Cavallo launches her book featuring a retrospective of works dating from 1982

Catherine Cavallo has just launched her latest publication showcasing a retrospective of her work since 1982 till today, in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Malta Chamber of Commerce. Catherine tells us more about this book and her evolvement throughout the years. 

What prompted the creation of the book ‘Catherine Cavallo: a Retrospective’?

This book was originally meant to accompany my 2020 exhibition at MSA, but Covid caused such delays that the book was re thought out and turned into a retrospective of my work. It is the journey of my art from 1982 till present day. Something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.

How would you describe your artistic career, were there any pivotal moments that are sedimented in your head?

My journey in art began when l attended Art School for 4 years in London. That was a great way too spring board into the art scene. In my mind my journey in art is connected to where l was living at the time. In the book I’ve divided the journey into 7 sections, and these are all chronologically done. 

How has your work evolved throughout the years?

My work was strictly figurative for the first 8 or 10 years, then, when l moved back to Malta briefly, l fell in loved with rough seas. Shortly after moving to Tuscany l took up landscape painting, because how could l be in Tuscany and not paint the beautiful scenery. But throughout I’ve remained loyal to my figurative works, they satisfy me in a way only figurative work can do. 

Does your story end here or will we be seeing more of you and your work in the near future?

I intend to paint till l take my last breathe. My mind is always consumed with ideas for paintings, while I work on one I’m planning the next one or two or more. I look for challenges all the time, and l love the constant problem solving and thought processes that go on. My frustration is that l can never get out all my ideas and some may fall by the wayside, which always makes me sad. 

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