Carmel Bonello’s Expressionistic Solo Show

Carmel Bonello’s career took off in the eighties and he was one of the most active Maltese artists in the nineties, favouring a strong expressionist style.

Bonello abstract expressionist trickles compound further the misery, maybe indicating that the seeds of doubt at times have unspecific and irrational origins.

Bonello’s landscapes are explosions of colours at times and subdued compositions at others. His mood changes, mirroring meteorological conditions. His en-plein-air approach allows him to transfer onto his canvases the immediacy of these atmospheric conditions as they interact with the Maltese landscape. His landscapes range from our island’s built architectural fabric to representations of nature at its most pure and essential.

'St Paul’s Bay Fishing Boats, Veċċa'

Currently there is an ongoing show titled Selected Works at Gemelli Art Gallery in their new premises in Ta’ Qali. Where one can see a his work and experience his paintings in person.This is Bonello’s 10th solo show and will be running till the 23rd December.

This exhibition, which is his first solo in many years, finds him exploring the themes for which he had made a name for himself in the Maltese burgeoning art scene of the 1990s.

Text taken from Times of Malta article written by Jospeh Aguis

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