Africa – Land of Icons: Johan Siggesson presents immersive wildlife photography exhibition

Johan Siggesson, a celebrated name in the realm of animal wildlife fine-art photography, has brought his extraordinary talent to the forefront with a collection that seamlessly combines artistic prowess with a deep understanding of the natural animal world, in his latest exhibition currently on show in Sliema. 

Titled Africa – Land of Icons, this immersive exhibition promises to be a multi-sensory and educational experience, showcasing Siggesson’s breathtaking photographs that not only captivate but also inspire a profound appreciation for the beauty and significance of African animal wildlife. The exhibition, which is ongoing at Christine X Art Gallery in Sliema, is a testament to his commitment to capturing the essence of African animal wildlife in its most authentic and majestic form.

Visitors to the gallery’ currently body of work can expect to embark on a visual journey through Siggesson’s lens, where each photograph serves as a window into the animal diversity within Africa. From the vast savannah, Siggesson’s keen eye and technical finesse bring to life the iconic wildlife that roams these landscapes. The exhibition is meticulously curated to offer a multi-sensory experience, engaging not just the visual senses but also invoking a deeper connection through educational elements. Accompanying the stunning visuals are informative displays, shedding light on the conservation efforts, ecological significance, and cultural importance of the showcased species.

“We are excited to present Johan Siggesson’s Africa- Land of Icons, a collection that transcends traditional photography exhibitions. Through his lens, Siggesson has captured the soul of Africa’s animal wildlife, and we believe this immersive experience will leave an indelible mark on our visitors,” Gallery Director, Christine Xuereb Seidu expressed. 

The gallery invites art enthusiasts, wildlife admirers, and the general public to join them between 8th February and 29th February, 2024. This exhibition not only reinforces Christine X Art Gallery’s commitment to showcasing exceptional artistic talent but also underscores the gallery’s dedication to promoting awareness and appreciation for our planet’s extraordinary biodiversity.

Johan Siggesson | Biography

A wildlife photographer from Sweden residing in Malta. From an early age he was passionate about animals and the natural world. Before Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild and the likes, he was always glued in front of the weekly nature program on Swedish state television. No matter if it was lions in Africa, wolves in Yellowstone or Polar bears in Svalbard, he practically grew up with Sir David Attenborough’s voice at the back of his head. From the moment he bought his first digital camera he was hooked. The creativity that is unleashed with instant feedback on the screen, variable ISO and more or less unlimited image capacity is something that really appeals to him. This, combined with a passion for animals, is a recipe for a wildlife photographer. When he is not out photographing or stuck in front of his Mac processing images, he enjoys a good meal or watching a game of soccer with friends… And a cold beer. In early 2019 I was one of the fortunate to be accepted into Sweden’s most prestigous nature photography association called Naturfotograferna/N.

Christine X Art Gallery | About

Located in Sliema’s (Malta) central business district, Christine X Art Gallery is an independent art gallery that opened its doors in 2004. Christine X Art Gallery showcases the work of significant local and international contemporary artists, particularly in the EMEA region. Christine X works closely with artists to bring to the local Maltese market some exhibitions of new work, which continue to challenge the boundaries of contemporary identity.

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