13 Exhibitions to look out for this July

In the previous months, what felt like an unanticipated halt, to the viewing and attending of art exhibitions is now no longer an intimidating affair. Those working within the cultural industry have seized their power back and are ready to show to the public their exemplary talents, together with emerging artists, who are about to take the world by storm. The art shows taking place, both current and upcoming, will be held at diverse, reputable venues around the island. Make it a point to take a few hours to indulge in what the local art scene has to offer and we promise you, you will not regret it. Let us further inform you with up-to-date must-sees, for this specific month of July.

1. GRAVITY - A Collective by BLITZ

18 June 2021 – 30 September 2021

BLITZ re-opened their doors post covid state-of-affairs. Gravity curated by Sarah Dofli Agostini, is an all-rounded theme that culminates the meaning of the body, with an antagonistic relationship to an anthropocentric philosophy. At present, a collective is being displayed for a period of three months where artists Kane Cali, John Coplans, Jesse Darling, Simon Fujiwara, Eva Kotatkova, Adrian Paci and Pierre Portelli are taking part in the show. Gravity is an all-rounded theme that culminates the meaning of the body, with an antagonistic relationship to an anthropocentric philosophy. 

2. RUIN/EN/LUST - A site specific collective exhibition organised by Lily Agius Gallery & Kixott

24 June 2021 – 24 July 2021

RUINENLUST is a site-specific art collective situated at Green Shutters Studio in Valletta. An out of the norm collective, by artists Arnaud Griggio, Julien Vinet, Madeleine Fenwick and Zvezdan Rejlic. In their works, they exemplify a co-existing relationship between the typical, Maltese, gallery space and their media. Green Shutters Studio, which was once a bar, calls attention to the need for more artistic spaces on the island.

3. Rooftops - A Solo Exhibition by Thomas Scerri at Malta Society of Arts

1 July 2021 – 22 July 2021

The Maltese artist, Thomas Scerri currently has a show up and running at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta. Both his sculptural works and paintings occupy the exhibition space. The intertwining concept holds as a support to each other. A theme that focuses on the rampant development of real estate on the Maltese islands, it furthermore implicates the devastating widespread of the degradation of nature. Moreover, Scerri considers the mental health impact with regards to this issue. Scerri utilizes materials that enhance the subject matter and devotes this entire series to that of a purely minimalist approach. 

"I was looking for minimal shots and I could only find this by looking up between sky and architecture. This inspired me to translate the images into sculpture. The paintings were then derived from these sculptures, but I also reverted to the photos, going back and forth, abstracting and simplifying the work."

Featuring works by Shanice Farrugia and Redent Camilleri

4. Diversify | MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts Festival 2021at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

2 July 2021 – 25 July 2021

Happening now, at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta is the annual festival held by MCAST’S Institute for the Creative Arts. Various projects, covering many different forms of the arts are aimed at unifying the theme of diversity. The works all pertain to common elements that tie to the nature of hope. Visual artist Emma Fsadni who had graduated a couple of years back, also from the Institute for the Creative Arts, will later step into the scene and enrich this venue with her first ever solo show. That of Conditioned Comforts. The  art exhibition will, in the literal sense, explore what we associate with the term comfort. Through her signature style of abstracting methods, Fsadni aims to allude a materialistic essence. 

Image taken from Strada stretta concept Facebook Page

5. 'Strada Stretta Occupy' by University of Malta Students & Valletta Cultural Agency at Splendid, Valletta

2 July 2021 –  22 July 2021

In the Capital City of Valletta, there is furthermore an art exhibition where the University of Malta has joined forces with the Valletta Cultural Agency 2021 as well as the Strada Stretta Concept. It is a group show by History of art students that clasps onto a different take from the works at Spazzju Kreattiv. The exhibition can be viewed at Splendid which is right now showcasing works that circulate around the theme of  Dante’s Divina Commedia. The exhibition is in feature with Societa Dante Alighieri. 

Image taken from No Ordinary Terrain Facebook Page

6. No Ordinary Terrain - A Collective by Aaron Bezzina, Sandra Zaffarese, Tom Van Malderen & Keith Bonnici at MUZA

3 July 2021 – 24 July 2021.

At the art museum of MUZA in Valletta, Aaron Bezzina, Sandra Zaffarese, Keith Bonnici and Tom Van Malderen have come together to perform a temporary collaboration. The works can be found situated in the museums’s courtyard. They appear to necessitate a conceptual connotation; that of the need to integrate both private and public realms of life. The art project is funded by both the Arts Council Malta and MUZA itself.

7. Mid Life Crisis - A Solo Exhibition by Daniel Borg at the Mill

3 July 2021 – 29 July 2021

The exhibition of Midlife Crisis will be the first ever solo exhibition of the self taught artist Daniel Borg. Borgs’ works, curated by Elyse Tonna, will be displayed at the Mill for a time period of approximately three weeks. At this show, viewers will have the opportunity to introspect on the artist’s self. The series appears to reveal a sense of monotony in the daily life of the artist.

8. Dreamscapes - A Solo Exhibitionby Johanna Barthet at Desko

9 July 2021 –  23 July 2021

And there is so much more…A two week, solo exhibition by contemporary artist Johanna Barthet will be held at the Fine Art Space, DESKO  in the Capital. Barthet will display a series of surreal-like works, in opposition to her familiar, impeccable, intimate portraiture. This exhibition focuses its subject matter on distinct, abstract-like landscapes that elude a dream-like perspective. 

9. ON THE NATURE OF PAINTING - A Solo Exhibition by Stefan Spiteri at Valletta Contemporary

9 July 2021 – 14 August 2021

What is the nature of painting? At the gallery space of Valletta Contemporary, the artist Stefan Spiteri, entertains this question, through an open-ended and ambiguous use in his painting process. It is a process that is automatic and instinctive.  human condition. 

10. Artist in Residence - Anna Horvath at Phoenicia Hotel

9 July 2021 – 31 August 2021

Located at the Phoenicia Hotel in Valletta is an interactive installation that was created from upcycled, building waste. Narrative designer and architect Anna Horvath, creates this work through the materials of construction itself. Both material and concept are soulmates to one another. This installation will provoke the the public to sit down, (SORGI), and reflect on what is happening to our urban landscape.

11. Fuga Modus - A Solo Exhibition by Joyce Camilleri at Il-Kamra ta'Fuq

16 July 2021 – 16 August 2021

Artist and print maker, Joyce Camilleri, will be showcasing her work at the new gallery space in Imqabba, Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq in the coming weeks. Fuga Modus, a solo show, revolves her oeuvre around a specific concept; the concept being, the urgency to return to nature. Her body of work depicting this return to nature, reveals a sense of uncertainty to what this nature holds. The impulse nevertheless, seems like a strong one. Camilleri embodies her familiar mark through the use of burnt umbers, greys and ochres on a series of paper.

12. Neuro Art: The Beauty of the Brain- A solo exhibition by Gabriele Deidda at 111 Art Gallery

16 July 2021 – 30 July 2021

The 111 Art gallery space in Ta’ Xbiex is for the first time displaying the works of International artist Gabriele Deidda. A fascinating combination of art and neuroscience, Deidda allows the viewers to introspect on visual details of the brain. This is done through the use of his micro-photographic technique. Curated by Selina Scerri, the exhibition will open its doors to the public within the next coming weeks. 

13. BLINK- By Tom Van Malderen and Nigel Baldacchino at Valletta Contemporary

18th June-14th August

Valletta Contemporary (VC)’s first joint exhibition of 2021 includes the work of Tom Van Malderen (Home is the new travel) and Nigel Baldacchino (Clear Windows). Van Malderen‘s practice ranges from buildings to furniture, installations, and exhibition design, probing the intersections between art, design, and architecture and seeking out material gestures in “everyday constellations, split personalities in objects and ambiguities in the construction of social space”. Baldacchino is an artist and design architect working in various media, including photography, music production, video, text, and design of physical objects and spaces.

With the manifold of styles and talent that is exposing itself on the island, it is unlikely that you will not find an exhibition to suit suit your tastes. It is highly recommended to traverse your cultural horizons and get going to these exhibitions…As soon as possible! Meanwhile checkout our events page and get them all saved in your calendars .

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