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Apr 2

In Bloom: a solo exhibition by Julia Borg

April 2 - May 1


In her solo exhibition titled ‘In Bloom’, Julia Borg presents an exploration of a deep concept that originated during the Covid-19 period in 2020. Immersed in the stories and biographies of outstanding women from different ages, she was inspired to create a collection of paintings that actually reflect the very essence of femininity.

Executed in mixed media, the bold, expressive brushstrokes unveil a myriad of facets of womanhood. The choice of ‘Blooming’ as a thematic anchor holds deliberate significance, symbolising the blossoming that occurs when love, equilibrium and happiness converge. Through her painting, Julia radiates various emotional states that encourage a woman to bloom, causing a harmonious cascade of flowering in her surroundings.

Through her art, Julia not only captures the external beauty but deliver into the intricate interplay of emotions and states of being that define the essence of being a woman.

Julia Borg was born in Germany to Russian parents. An important moment was her first trip to Malta, which changed her outlook and destiny. She feels at home on a Mediterranean island that inspires her to create. Being an engineer and interior designer by profession, she was always drawn to art.


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