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Valletta Contemporary, designed by its director, artist and architect, Norbert Francis Attard and run by Meta Foundation, a non-profit organisation, opened in 2018 as Malta’s newest space for contemporary art. Located at the lower East End of Valletta, the space was conceived as a home for cultural dialogue. With its lofty volumes and pared-back materiality, the gallery houses contemporary art of varying scope, size and medium. Visitors are exposed to works by both world-renowned and emerging contemporary artists, with exhibitions that showcase a range of artistic disciplines and themes–from fine art photography, to light sculpture, video art, and large-scale installations. Valletta Contemporary runs regular outreach programs, as well as diverse educational and knowledge-sharing initiatives which involves both practising artists as well as the local community. Valletta Contemporary is a place where one may experience the uniting of the past and the present; that is, contemporary art in a city with a rich historical background.

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February- Up To Now

December- scherazade
November- Corpus Adflictum
September- Diktat
August- French Ideal
July- The Space that connects us
July- The Island is your Land
May- Non – Aligned Networks
May- Traces
April- Afterminimalism


November- Floating Imagery
November- That Golden stain of Time
October – Parallel Existence
September – Electromorphologies
August- A contemporary in the Modern
July- Import/Export
June- Here & Noe 01
April- The Dreamed Territories