The Streak

An Isabelle Borg Retrospective

The first thing that would draw your eye when meeting Isabelle Borg was a white-greyish streak in her hair. A streak can be defined as a mark that differs from its surroundings. This is exactly what Isabelle was and what her work is today, a mark imprinted in our local artistic community and cultural heritage. The works exhibited in this retrospective will continue to leave a mark through her ability to interpret her life into a diary of visuals made out of paintings, sculptures, suitcases, and sketchbooks. Curated by Lisa Gwen in collaboration with creative director Maria Galea. This exhibition is organised by The Isabelle Borg Collection In collaboration with Marie Gallery 5 Supported by : APS BANK, SPAZJU KREATTIV, MAPFRE MIDDLESEA, PEOPLEANDSKIN ,ARTZ ID and INTERVISIONS


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