collective exhibition Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi (Thorn In My Heart; Thorn in my Side)

Simmer is a multi-sensory immersive installation piece by Shanice Farrugia and Nicole Sciberras Debono, and was commissioned by the Women’s Rights Foundation for the collective exhibition Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi (Thorn In My Heart; Thorn in my Side), celebrating 10 years of the Women’s Rights Foundation. Simmer is a sensory odyssey, delving into the female experience, unearthing the consequences of years and decades of dismissing violating encounters, and exposing the deep-seated rage within rape culture. This installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in the palpable atmosphere of smouldering defiance and unwavering resilience. Upon entering, visitors encounter a sculpture of a woman submerged in water, symbolising the inner sanctum of her mind, encapsulating the duality of prolonged oppressive ordeals – the gradual heat buildup over time and societal expectations for women to “simmer down.” An ominous presence in the space casts a shadow on the persistent undercurrents in our society. Simmer acts as a shared sanctuary, confronting the harsh realities of deeply ingrained misogyny and the insidious nature of rape culture. It empowers individuals to stand against pervasive injustices, offering support to women who have endured such experiences, as they boldly reclaim their voices and challenge suppression.


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