Variable Depth, Shallow Water – Viewing Room

Variable Depth, Shallow Water

By Izabela Pluta

Dates: 4th- 25th March 2021

Dates: 5th March till 11th April 2021 ((Dates as intended prior to closure due to COVID-19 Directives).

Spazju Kreattiv, Pjazza Kastilja, Valletta,
VLT 1030 – Malta + Google Map

Visiting the recently-fallen sea stack Dwerja, also known as The Azure Window, on the island of Gozo, Pluta was captivated by what was one of the world’s most spectacular expressions of geological time. Dwejra, an underwater debris of limestone rock – originally 28-metres tall – now lies about 12 meters below sea level. Drawing on the reflexivity of the photographic medium, Pluta uses images, video, objects and sound as the foundation for this new exhibition, ‘Variable depth, shallow water’. The installation’s key material includes corrupted data filmed using a drone lost at sea and subsequently retrieved. Inspired by Dwerja, the concept of deep time, the instantaneous moment of change, and informed by her own passage as a migrant to Australia, the work investigates the uncertainty of location.        Read more

‘Variable depth, shallow water’ brings together disparate elements comprising handmade contact negatives of unhinged atlases, a faux-artefact cast in resin from the depths of where the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea meet, footage from the vast Australian landscape, and neon components that implode in on themselves.

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Curated by Nicole Bearman and Francesca Mangion