Earth Garden is looking for Contemporary Sculptures and Installations for a 🌳SCULPTURE GARDEN🌳

We are collaborating with E️arth Garden to create an outdoor sculpture exhibition in the gardens of Ta’ Qali, open throughout the duration of the festival.

The Sculpture Garden will host Sculptural works and installations by artists within our artistic community which will be open for the public between the 3rd – 5th June. 


🌿 Contemporary three-dimensional works including sculpture and installations
🌿 Existing works which are easily assembled and dismantled 
🌿 Works which are suitable for external environments, and can withstand any weather conditions over three days
🌿 Works with a height >1m and occupying a minimum area of 1.5 square metres
🌿 Works which are self-supported, and considered structurally sound


🌿 Adherence to the objectives of the call
🌿 Strong artistic merit
🌿 Experience working with materials suited or adaptable to an outside environment
🌿 Ability to set-up and dismantle work without assistance from the Earth Garden or ARTZ ID team
🌿 Ability to deliver within the required deadlines
🌿 Appropriateness to site, aesthetically and conceptually
The submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by a team of individuals on behalf of Earth Garden and ARTZ ID.


🌿 Name of Work, Date Created,Measurements & MaterialS
🌿 Image/s of Work or Drawings, sketches
🌿 Name of Artist/Collective and a short bio 
🌿 Artists may submit more than one work, however only one will be selected per artist/artist collective
🌿 Artistic Rationale of Work
🌿 Digital confirmation that the work is structurally sound and can withstand external weather conditions


🛠 SET UP: 2ND & 3RD JUNE 2022


The artist/artist collective is responsible to set-up/dismantle the work themselves and transport the work within the stipulated time frames, undamaged and to the selected locations. If required, the artists/collective will seek their own assistance to transport, set up and dismantle the work. ARTZ ID TEAM will be on site to help direct and facilitate the  process.  

The location of the work will be selected by the ARTZ ID team and lighting will be provided by the organisers of Earth Garden festival. Adequate signs (including details of work and health and safety symbols) will be set-up on site. The area will be enclosed and have seperate opening hours from the festival, to ensure safety procedures. The festival will be offering full-time security and the area will be closed off, however no insurance is available to cover any damages. .All content provided can be used for marketing purposes including print, PR, press, website and social media. 

Failure to dismantle work within the required timeframes will not guarantee appropriate dismantling, storage or longevity of the work. The festival organisers reserve the right to dispose of any remaining work which is not collected, the artists/collectives being liable for any additional costs.The artists are to liaise directly with the team members of ARTZ ID who will in turn communicate with the festival organisers with respect to logistical issues such as setting up and dismantling. 

Entrance to the event is free. There is no participation fee and no artist fee. Selling of works exhibited is permitted, at the full responsibility of the artist. No commission will be borne by the festival organisers or the ARTZ ID team. Promotion of sales is the sole responsibility of the artist and will not be covered by the festival team or the ARTZ ID team.The artist’s work will be promoted and labelled, with a  QR code link directed to dedicated page on the ARTZ ID platform.This project and call is organised solely by Earth Garden. The role of ARTZ ID in relation to this open call is restricted to the promotion of work, selection of work and curation process. 


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