Golgotha – Viewing Room


By Mark Mallia

Dates: 4th- 25th March 2021

Dates: Exhibition ended on 16th March 2021 but artworks are viewable online here.

Kamra ta’ Fuq, Church Square, Mqabba, Malta  + Google Map

The concept of life as an uncertain and arduous journey, has become so much more apparent during the past months.  The exhibition GOLGOTHA is a reflection on and a re-interpretation of the religious aspect, from the perspective and context of living during a pandemic.  Mallia is inspired by the pain and the sacrifices that we all must endure during this unprecedented situation.

The works echo the suffering that we all confront in so many different ways – everyone to his/her own personal Golgotha or calvary.  We were all put to a harsh test since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The path of uncertainty that we are all facing, is long and gruelling – will we ever see the light, will we ever embrace again?


‘The artist is emulating all his uncertainties and sufferings, all our uncertainties and sufferings; to the passion of Christ.  We all have our own Golgotha to live with, day after day, for some more challenging than for others.  The works embodying this exhibition are sombre and harrowing, from the Madonna & Child set in the darkest of darkness, to the tortured crucifixions executed in such brutal manner, that one can feel the pain oozing out of them.  The defaced portraits of saintly beings, placing us all on the same level, as the havoc caused by this pandemic spares no one – we are just numbers.  The works are made up of mixed media, including wood, metal, bones, paint and other recycled objects.’

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Curated by Art Sweven