Upcoming Solo exhibition; Din hi li hi by Patrick Dalli

‘Din hi li hi’, ‘It is what it is’, is a solo exhibition by Patrick Dalli which will be exhibited at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq in Mqabba from the 17th of September till the 12th of October, 2021. Curated by Art Sweven.

The exhibition title encapsulates it all. It is what it is. In this exhibition, Dalli, is presenting his real self and his love for the nude painting and the human figure.

The exhibition is proposing a selection of drawings that portray the freshness and crispness of his style – from drawings and ‘primi pensieri’ to beautifully finished works – all executed during sittings with models. It’s all about the human figure, the austere use of the line, the spontaneity, the rapid strokes and the shrewdly applied dabs of paint. As with Dalli’s large-scale nudes, there is no sexual tension present, and these drawings illustrate his creative process. The figures are in their own parallel world and there is no inkling of any desired interaction with the viewer. Some of the works feature a playful composition created entirely by the figure or figures and the void on the paper.

The majority of the artworks forming this intimate exhibition are executed in charcoal, ink and watercolour along with a few ‘oil on canvas’ works, that hint at Dalli’s more known large-scale nudes, where the painterly work takes over and the works are deprived of any props. Nothing distracts from the main subject, that is the human figure. It is what it is.

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