The sudden passing of Malta Based Artist Clemens Hasengschwandtn and his unforgettable work

Clemens Hasengschwandtner, an Austria-born artist who had been based in Malta since 1997, passed away suddenly on Tuesday. Known for his unique distinctive, animated, captivating style and colours, Clemens has definitely left an impact on Malta’s artistic community. 

Clemens optimistic and joyful nature projected onto his work. Figures were the main focus of his work, his themes ranged from scenes of everyday life, portraits, and imaginative places. His sense of humor and playful nudity with a combination of delightful detail and bold colors captivates you. Clemens works display joyful energies and feelings with a unique pop identity which was indeed a breath of fresh air in the local arts cene. 

Originally from a small village called Putzleinsdorf in Austria, Mr Hasengschwandtner came to Malta in 1997, settling in Birgu, where he became a well known personality in the of the locality through his art gallery, wine bar and more recently, hostel and unique souvenir shop.

He began his hospitality career through an apprenticeship as a waiter at the age of 15, going on to study hotel management and catering.When he moved to Malta, where he began experimenting with his artistic abilities.After setting up Il-Forn, a wine bar and gallery situated in Vittoriosa, he gave up ownership of the establishment to focus on his art full-time while traveling.

Multiple posts from friends, artists, and family have been expressing the shock this sudden death has brought along.

ARTZ ID  would like to wish our deepest condolences to all  family and friends for this great loss.

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