The 20’s Take 2 – Virtual Exhibition

The 20's Take 2


What a contrast! As we turn the corner to embrace the new 20s, looking back at a previous era of jazz, parties and celebration, we dream about getting together, long for moments of community and we miss each other. Artz ID is launching its first official international community exhibition to attempt to redefine the current status quo of isolation and distancing and look to the 1920s as a source of uplifting inspiration. The 1920s, also known as the ‘roaring twenties, was a decade marked by stark contrasts – the Great War had just ended, peace had returned, and with it prosperity – although another war would break out not too far ahead.

Fast forward to now, we are facing uncertain times and we are also unable to plan for the future, not knowing exactly what it holds. Yet we make the most out of the present moment. Through this exhibition we wanted  to convey different contrasts between the now and the past though a virtual escape. 

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The ’20s take 2 is organised in collaboration with Christine X Gallery and Art Paper
The Virtual reality space is provided by the London based company

The exhibition is sponsored by I AM ltd, partially funded by Arts Council Malta through the Creative Industries Platform