TECH.MT X ARTZ ID team up for the artistic community, bringing skills, guidance and opportunities

TECH.MT X ARTZ ID team up to provide skills and resources for the artistic community  through a two day event and a live pitch competition. Bringing together an impressive lineup of International speakers and mentors together with an open call opportunity to live pitch a digital project. 
During the past year the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the perspective and role technology has had on artists, art professionals, galleries and cultural institutions. The artistic community had to shift  and engage with a digital audience, adapt to new ways of communicating, showcasing their work and some discovered new creative processes.
In reality Art and technology have always been interrelated, but the lack of physical connection has highlighted the need to understand and work alongside technology from every aspect.
This collaboration is aimed at tackling the topics and equip artists and art professionals to manage and handle their practise by reaching international audiences, monetizing online, building their brand through storytelling and understanding new emerging technologies and international art market trends.
Photo credits: Tarunima Sen Chandra, taken at Valletta Contemporary, Malta


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Two days filled with inspiring conversations and hard-hitting workshops, by an impressive lineup of  international and local speakers. Giving important insights and guidance about everything from digital marketing, selling art online, market trends, new technologies such as AI, VR and blockchain. For artists  and art professionals looking to expand their digital know-how and footprint. One may choose which days to attend one prefered day.  See full schedule here


Technology may sometimes overwhelm us, these workshops and discussions are targeted to help you understand and navigate digital to your benefit and advantage. Would you like to expand your audience reach? Find new ways how to showcase and sell online? Engage in international opportunities? Increase confidence online by understanding new platforms? Or be inspired by artists and professionals who have used digital to transform their career? Then this event is definitely for you.

Speakers line up

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance and a guided booklet filled with tips and notes on how to navigate art world through digital.


The pandemic has changed opportunities for artists and art market professionals both digitally and in live events. Our presence has become more digital than ever before. This call is for artists and professionals looking to expand their digital footprint, shift or improve digital portfolio or website, build a digital strategy or explore new new ways of digital creative creation. We’re selecting five finalists across different professions in the art world to LIVE pitch our panel of judges for a chance to win €2,000 prize to get your digital project or plan started.


The 5 finalists will benefit from a one hour one to one mentorship session, free digital copy of ‘Market your Genius’ book provided by Nikki Nash , an annual subscription to The Genius profit society and marketing support by ARTZ ID. The winning pitch will be awarded the grand prize.

ABOUT TECH.MT aims to position Malta as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, and promote Malta as a suitable set-up for foreign direct investment, whilst also promoting the local technological industries abroad. shall be instrumental in taking the Technology industry to the next level, as it will seek to make the world notice the huge potential the technology sector in Malta has to offer as it boasts on the economic performance and financial stability of the island. We acknowledge that data is the new oil, wants to be part of the IOT evolution and be on the forefront of the global digital revolution that we are experiencing.

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