About me

Short Bio

Nicole Sciberras Debono is a visual artist whose practice is engaged with exploring the nuances of the contemporary human condition. Her work navigates the intersections of digital and tangible realities, employing figurative narratives that delve into modern experiences shaped by virtual personas and digital realms. Nicole’s compositions transcend mere depiction, reflecting the vitality of life and the ordinary artefacts that accompany our existence.


She employs a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, and digital media, and explores surfaces ranging from linoleum to wood and cotton. A recent project saw Nicole merging sound with digital visuals in an installation featuring sculptural work, further blurring the lines between artistic disciplines. This piece, part of her ongoing exploration of dualities, particularly emphasises the juxtaposition between the digital and physical realms, as well as the historical and contemporary. Inspired by Carl Jung’s Book of Symbols, she is captivated by the symbolic convergence of our physical and virtual realities.

Other Roles Artist, Digital Artist, Fine Artist, Painter
Skills Advocacy Design Figurative Oils Painting


Education History


2024, Love Dogs, Colleen Barry
2023, Get Quarantined with Nicolás Uribe: Muse Hacking program, Lazareto, Menorca, Spain (funded by the Arts Council Malta)

2022, Painting and Drawing from Imagination, with Ruprecht van Kauffman, Art Digger Lab

2014, Art and History of Art, Saint Aloysius College, Birkirkara

2013, Live Nude Figure Programme, Malta School of Art, Valletta

2009 – 2013 – Malta School of Art, Valletta




2023, Xewka f’Qalbi, Xewka f’Sormi, Rosa Kwir, Balzan, Malta

2023, Rock, Paper ‘/·– A Cane-Yo Collective Group Exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery, Casemates, Gibraltar

2023, Mara, Bureau Iniala, Valletta

2023, Wish you were here III – A Cane-Yo Collective Group Exhibition, Dalek Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2023, Group Exhibition – Order of Malta National Art Exhibition, Casa Lanfreducci 2022, Artists for Ukraine II, Art Cavalieri Hotel

2022, Lost in the Ether, Debut solo exhibition, Art Sweven Gallery, Malta

2022, Wish you were here, Dalek Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2021, The Pandemic – Survival, Art & New Action, Malta Enterprise, Malta


Awarded the KBIC x ARTZ ID Studio Space Award, by Malta Enterprise and ARTZ ID, Malta, May 2024 – November 2024. This includes studio space and comprehensive support including professional development workshops, personal mentorship, and opportunities for community engagement and public exhibition.