Education History

1970 – 71 Art and Design, Uxbridge Technical College

1972 – 73 Foundation course, Hull Art College

!973 – 76 Illustration, Harrow College of Art



Selected exhibitions


Solo Exhibitions


1985                           Nghinu Bl-Arti Inaugural Exhibition                           

                                   Old Mint Street, Valletta

1990                           Malta Chinese Friendship Society

                                   St.Christopher Street, Valletta

1993                           Paintings

                                   Galaxy Hotel, Sliema

1994                           A Moment in Time

                                   Farsons Showroom, Valletta

1995                           Drawings From The Nude

                                   National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

1996                           Jeni Sees Malta

                                    Russian Cultural Centre, Valletta

1997                            It Figures

                                    National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta

1998                            Watercolour Landscapes

                                       Le Meridien Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana

1999                            Classical Musician Sketches

                                    Vivaldi Hotel, St.Julians

2000                            The Rhythm of Line

                                    The Manoel Theatre Shop, Valletta

2001                            Temple Paintings

                                    Sundown Court Aparthotel, Kappara

                                    Appeal for Mnajdra

                                   Manoel Theatre Foyer,Valletta

2002                            Inaugural Exhibition

                                   Malta Art /Sundown Court Art Centre, Kappara                        

2003                          “Remembering Mother Earth”

                                   National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

                                  “Paintings for Christmas”

                                  The British High Commission, Whitehall Mansions, Ta ‘Xbiex 

2004                         “Exhibition of Paintings”

                                   Corinthia Palace Hotel, San Anton

                                 Christmas Ensemble” Paintings of classical musicians

                                   Manoel Theatre Courtyard

2005                             “Open Weekend”


                                    Permanent exhibition of works at the British High Commission, 

                                    Whitehall Mansions Ta’Xbiex 

2006                          “Lifelines” Exhibition of over 70 works at the Ministry for    

                                 Tourism and Culture, Auberge D’Italie, Valletta

2008                         “ Treescapes…. Lifescapes” Heritage Malta Headquarters, Valletta


2010                        “Fibonacci Skies” 88 acrylic paintings at Opus 64 Galerie, Sliema

“Echoes”  Collection of paintings from the 2010 Malta Summer Arts     Festival, part of Notte Bianca at Galea’s Creativity Centre, Valletta

2013                        “Landscapes”  La Vittoria Band Club, Mellieha

2014                        “Landscapes Revisited”  La Vittoria Band Club, Mellieha

2016                        “Arbor Vitae” The Majjistal Nature and History Park, Ghajn Tuffieha



Group and Joint  Exhibitions


1993                               with Julie Apap and Hedwig Hauck

                                    Cathedral Museum, Mdina

1996                               4 for Watercolour

                                       with Anna Grima, Debbie Caruana Dingli and John Martin Borg

                                    National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta

1998                               Jazz Paintings

                                       with Olaug Vethal, Frans Galea and Anthony Calleja

                                    Rinella Film Studios


                                       with Ebba von Fersen Balzan and Olaug Vethal

                                    Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta

1999                               Landscape Painting Competition, representing Malta

                                       with Ebba von Fersen Balzan, Anna Grima, Lawrence Buttigieg             

                                    and  Commune di Padre, Sardinia

                                       Jazz Paintings

                                       with Ebba von Fersen Balzan and Olaug Vethal

                                    Le Meridien Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana

                                       Seven Temples, Seven Women

                                       with Julie Apap, Sina Farrugia, Ebba von Fersen Balzan,

                                    Anna Grima, Caroline Hills and Olaug Vethal

                                    National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

                                       Six Artists’ Still Life Paintings

                                       with Anna Grima, John Martin Borg, Winston Hassel

                                    Andrew Micallef and Arnold Sultana

                                    Manoel Theatre Shop 

2000                               Temples Malta

                                       Works from ‘Seven Temples, Seven Women”  shown in

                                    California U.S.A.

                                       All That Jazz

                                       with Peter Paul Barbara and Joe Smith; paintings and photos;

                                    Worker’s Memorial Building, Valletta

2001                               Sacred Sights 

                                       with Ebba von Fersen Balzan in aid of Din L’Art Helwa                         

                                    Joinwell Showrooms, Sliema

                                       Sacred Sights

                                       with Julie Apap, Ebba von Fersen Balzan, Caroline Hills and           

                                    Olaug Vethal

                                    Din L’Art Helwa Headquarters Valletta

2002                               Sacred Sights – The Hypogeum”

                                       with Julie Apap, Ebba von Fersen Balzan and Caroline Hills

                                    National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

                                       Watercolour Landscapes organized by the Tunisian Embassy.      

                                    Four days painting on location with Anna Grima, Debbie         

    Caruana Dingli and John Martin Borg for Malta; Salma and    Sami Ben Salah, Mustapha Denguezli and Rached Triki for Tunisia;

Paintings exhibited at San Anton Corinthia, Museum of   Archaeology  Valletta and in Tunis.

                                    “British Artists in Malta”

                                        with Julie Apap, Joy Farndell Micallef, Winston Hassell, Anna     

                                     Nightingale and Zell Osborne;

                                     Exhibition to inaugurate new premises of the British High

                                     Commission at Whitehall Mansions, Ta’Xbiex                  

                                       “Jazz Paintings, 2002”

                                        with Ebba von Fersen Balzan

                                     Chez Philippe Bistro, Gzira

                                        Christmas Exhibition –Six British Artists

                                     with Julie Apap, Joy Farndell Micallef, Winston Hassell, Anna      

                                     Nightingale and Zell Osbourne

                                     British High Commission, Whitehall Mansions, Ta’Xbiex

2003                                 “Jazz Paintings 2003”

                                        with Ebba von Fersen Balzan

                                     Chez Philippe Bistro, Gzira

2004                                  “Jazz Paintings 2004”

                                         with Ebba von Fersen Balzan

                                     Chez Philippe Bistro, Gzira

2005                           “10 watercolourists”  Invited exhibition representing the 10  leading watercolourists in Malta. With Anna Galea, John Grima, Anna Grima, John Martin Borg, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Tonio Mallia, Andrew Micallef, Maurice Tanti Burlo and Kenneth Zammit Tabone, Gallery G, Lija

2007                          “Painters in the Park”  Vilhena Palace, Mdina

2009 “The Life Model” Invited exhibition as part of the Summer Arts Festival. With Vince Briffa,Antony Calleja, Jeni Caruana, Patrick Dalli, Alexandra Pace, Astrid Steinbrecher (Germany), Zygimantas Augustinas (Lithuania) Artist Patrick J. Fenech curator. Gallery 68, St Lucy Street Valletta

2010                        “Painting Expressions of the Mediterranean Countries” with Anna Galea. Invited exhibition of artists from all over the Mediterranean region. Salone Borromini, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome             

“Horizons”  performance and exhibition of works created over the last 10years with Contact Dance Company. Centre of the Mediterranean Institute Theatre Programme, Valletta  

“The Art of 4 Elements”  exhibition and publication with Jason Lu (paintings), Christine Cutajar (photography) and Natasa Pantovic (poetry). St James     Cavalier Centre For Creativity, Valletta



Collective Exhibitions


1974                            Bankside Gallery, London

1990                               Women Artists, Lions Club, Naxxar

1990 – 96                    Malta Society of Arts,Trade Fair, Naxxar

1990 – 96                    Din L’Art Helwa, Villa Arrigo, Naxxar

1991                            National Architectural Heritage, Lions Club, Valletta

1991 – 95                      A Brush in Aid, Burmarrad

1991 onwards             Mediterranean Nights Annual Exhibition

1992                            Artists Association, Valletta

                                    Lions Club, Valletta

                                      Spinola Steps, regular outdoor shows in Spinola

1993                            International Wives Club, Galaxy Hotel, Sliema 

1994                              “Prelude To Summer”, Ta’Cenc Hotel, Gozo

                                    Targa Gap Artists, Selmun Hotel, Mellieha

1995                              Paintings, Cathedral Museum, Mdina

                                    Targa Gap Group, Attard Band Club

                                    Centru Nazzionali Laburista, Hamrun

1996                              “Kreativa” National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta

                                    Summer Exhibition, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta                              

                                      “Convergence”  Exhibition of European Artists, Manoel Theatre

                                    and Exhibition Hall, Gozo

1996 – 99                    Winter Exhibition, Malta Society of Arts

1997 – 99                    Eden Foundation, Gozo

1997                            Maltafest, Manoel Theatre, Valletta

1998                              “Il-Mara” the Effect of the Female Image and Symbol in Art on         

                                    Contemporary Women, Westin Dragonara Hotel, St.Julians

                                    Malta Society of Arts, OTS Foundation U.S.A., Sarasota Opera

                                    House and other venues

                                      “Permanence in Dignity” St,James Cavalier, Valletta

                                      “Reflections “ in aid of Malta Hospice, Mellieha 

                                    2nd Biennale of Christian Art in Malta, Mdina Cathedral Museum

                                    Community Chest Fund Auction, Presidents Palace, San Anton

1999                              “Il-Mara 2”  Westin Dragonara Hotel, St.Julians

2000                            3rd Biennale of Christian Art in Malta, Mdina Cathedral Museum

                                      “Mediterranean Nights”

                                    Old Opera House Ruins, Valletta

                                      “The Nativity, Two Thousand Years Later”

                                    St.James Centre for Creativity, Valletta

                                      “Colour and Light”

                                    celebration of Women’s Day, Organised by Nationalist Party

                                    St.James Centre for Creativity, Valletta

2001                              “Environment in Art”

                                    Old Opera House Ruins, Valletta

2002                             Exhibition in aid of Ir-Razzet Tal-Hbiberija

                                     Pergola Hotel, Mellieha

2003                             Eden Foundation, Gozo

                                     Flower Festival,  Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sliema

                                     Sale of Paintings and works of Art at the Malta Hilton;

                                     “Wow” (Wishing Others Well) Project

2004                             Flower Festival,  Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sliema

2005                             Flower Festival,  Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sliema

“10 Watercolourists” invited exhibition of 10 leading        watercolourists, Gallery G, Lija

2006                             Sacred Art”  Hilton Malta

Collective project of DLH properties, exhibited at Wignacourt           Museum, Rabat

                                    Art Directory collective, Phoenix Showrooms, Santa Venera

                                     Arts in the Environment” Freedom Square, Valletta. Malta    

                                    Council for Culture and Arts.

2008                            “……the first five years” closing exhibition of Gallery G, Lija

                                     over fifty artists, past exhibitors in the gallery

2009                             “From Prehistory to the Digital Age”  Qrendi Local Council

2012                             “In Tune With Jazz” with Ljupco, Opus 64 Gallery, Sliema

2013                             APS Bank Headquarters, invited exhibition

                                     “7 Female Artists” Palazzo de Piro, Mdina  


To be updated


Illustrated Publications


1998                            Text by Marika Azzopardi                  

                                           Is-Sahhara It-Tajba

                                           Ir-Re Li Kien Dejjem Jinsa 

1999                                   Il-Farfett Li Kien Jibza Jtir

                                           Ic-Combini Tal-Wied

                                           Il-Fenek Tar-Re

                                           Id-Dud L-Fartas

                                    Text by Rita Borg Cushieri

                                           On A Lonely Tree

2000                            Text by Mark Gisler

                                           Under the Maltese Sea

2002                          Commissioned print for Malta Tourist Authority Corporate Gift    

                                   “Mnajdra, Temple of the Sun”


2004                          Guest speaker at “Women Who Create” conference and workshop 

                                   for creative women in Oslo, Norway.  Participant in resultant

                                  collective exhibition, publications and performance


2005                          “10 Watercolourists” Publication to accompany invited exhibition           

                                                        Gallery G, Lija


2007                          Bank of Valletta Calendar 2007 – Maltese Women Artists


2016                          Represented Malta in Fabriano Watercolour Conference,    

                                  Fabriano, Italy

                                  Contributed “5 of Hearts” to Malta Playing Arts mobile art gallery

                                  Featured in The Artist’s Directory, Malta, 1st edition



Teaching Experience


1995 – 97                     Painting Tutor for Edrichton Holidays

                                    organising short courses, single sessions and outings for tourists

1995 – 96                     Watercolour Tutor, Institute of Visual Arts, Valletta

1995 onwards              Private lessons in watercolour technique and drawing from

                                    observation; follow-on courses in watercolour and mixed media

1997 March/April         Assistant Tutor with Barrie Temple

                                    Watercolour in Malta painting course,

                                    Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta

2000 -7                       Tutor for Malta Art Painting Holidays as featured on

“The Holiday Programme”BBC 1 TV, Jan 2001, Sept 2003 and    July 2004; also in The Saturday Express Magazine Feb. 2001

2008                            Tutor, Painting holiday to Tunisia

2016                            Co-tutor with Caroline Said Lawrence, painting holiday to Sicily

                                    in partnership with PaintMalta and GoSicily

                                    Painting holiday to Trapani

2017                            Two painting holidays to Trapani

2018/9                         Four painting holidays working with Salinara Sicily, three in

                                    Marsala, one in Milos, Greece.