About me

Short Bio

Edera Bellizzi finished her BA in Fine Art and her Master in Teaching and Learning (Art).

Choosing art as a future career allowed creativity and expression especially when Bellizzi pours her emotions onto paper. The pen is one of the mediums she uses to transform what flows through her mind, as she has a strong liking toward line drawings. As an artist, she believes that the element of line is a powerful tool for her concepts.

Looking for

Exhibition opportunities and sales.

Skills Conceptual Design Drawing Ink Educator


Education History

2013-2015, Extended Diploma In Art & Design (Design Crafts), MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, Mosta.

2015-2018, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art, MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, Mosta.

2018-2020, Masters in Teaching and Learning (Art), University of Malta, Msida.