Joyce Camilleri on upcoming exhibition ‘Fuga Modus’ at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq

In Silvis Joyce Camilleri

We reached out to Joyce Camilleri to learn more about her upcoming exhibition ‘Fuga Modus’ at Il- Kamra ta Fuq opening on the 16th of July. Joyce’s last exhibition was during her artist residency at Muza, Valletta just a couple of months ago, Joyce tells all about this new body of work and how they are to be interpreted by the audience. 

What inspired the concept of your upcoming exhibition ‘Fuga Modus’? ‘Fuga Modus’ also means ‘flight mode’. Tell us more about this.

The title for the exhibition emerged very naturally as a reaction to this body of work produced during the past year. I live close to the airport and from my house I can hear aeroplane activity in the distance. It took me quite some time to realise that I hadn’t heard any of those habitual sounds for quite a while. I definitely did not miss those revving sounds, but most surprisingly I didn’t miss going abroad. I had my very own airport at home in my studio. A room that would take me to unseen places and previously unimagined spaces in the blink of an eye. I sat down at my drawing table and switched my mind on flight mode.

Nebula III Joyce Camilleri
'Nebula III', Joyce Camilleri
In Silvis Joyce Camilleri
'In Silvis', Joyce Camilleri

In your view, what role can art play in helping people deal with circumstances that make them feel trapped?

Art is in itself a liberating process. It opens the doors of introspection and provides an amplitude of opportunities to conduct research in themes that define us as thinking beings in relation to the outer world as a mere extension of our physical presence. The media, materials and approaches can be infinite, as long as they reflect an artistic intent that is authentic to oneself. Doing art is as wondrous as it is painstaking, and yet the results are worth the endless hours of practice and research, the invested physical and mental energies and the simultaneous daydreaming about what comes next.   

Axis Mundi Joyce Camilleri
'Axis Mundi', Joyce Camilleri

You will be showing a brand new body of work in the show. Can you tell us more about what the viewer can expect?

The viewer will be met with images of places and spaces that belong to the visual world but that can only be visited through the avenues of wonder. This body of work carries an atmospheric quality that creates tension combined with serenity, a loud silence void of human presence. They will leave the exhibition space with a longing to either catch the first aeroplane to the most remote place on this planet or to seek moments of introspection in their own comfort zones. May they enjoy this aesthetic experience as much as I enjoyed the creative process.

Check the event page to learn more about the exhibition. Follow Joyce’s work on ARTZ ID.

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