Interview: Emerging Artist Stefan Spiteri

Stefan Spiteri in his studio, shot by Lisa Attard

Stefan Spiteri is an emerging artist whose work is defined by a deep commitment to authenticity and a spontaneous creative process. From a young age, art has been his refuge and outlet. In this interview, Spiteri shares his journey, inspirations, and the evolving nature of his practice, offering a glimpse into the mind of an artist dedicated to creating meaningful, transformative art.

1. Can you share a bit about your background and what initially drew you into the world of art?

From when I was a child, my refuge was creation, it was my outlet and what made me feel seen. As a result, I felt seen whenever people connected with whatever I created, whether it was a fabric collage, an assemblage of sorts, or a simple drawing, from a young age I could see that this was the object that gave my life value.

Studio shot by Lisa Attard

2. What are your main sources of inspiration? How do they influence your artistic process?

I think inspiration is a construct, therefore I believe that my work is not fuelled by inspiration but rather by the necessity to create. This stems from a deep-rooted need to articulate my sentiments concerning the environment and society we inhabit, one that is grappling with a multitude of challenges including the loss of our biodiversity, the loss of community. Making art, above all, is a privilege, but also a responsibility—one that requires thoughtful consideration irrelevant of the language being used.

3. How has your style or approach to art evolved over the years?

My practice constantly changes, one body of work informs the next, through this process I am constantly asking questions, trying to resolve new problems both conceptually and materially. Even though I am primarily a painter, recently I have been working with textile, with an attempt to explore the textile aspects which are often left unnoticed in the world of painting.

Studio shot by Lisa Attard

4. What’s your creative process like? How do you go from an idea to a finished piece of art?

My works are often unplanned, I often work in a spontaneous manner, I tend to let the materials speak to me, therefore what I produce is a result of me surrendering to the materials I am working with. The works are innately very chaotic, but as they progress ideas start to clear up, it is a process of adaptation and familiarity, the paintings grow as I develop a relationship with the work, ultimately, it’s a learning process, wherein the artworks themselves assume the role of teachers or guides.

5. What kind of impact do you hope your art will have on your audience or society in general?

I would like my work to be a source of refuge for people, and a tangible example of the transformative properties of art. If art teaches us something, it’s the ability of transforming pain into something exceptional, art has the power to truly move people. Whether my work does this or not, is not for me to say.

Check out Stefan’s work on Instagram and follow his artistic journey there. 

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