In Conversation with Thea Vella about her ongoing exhibition ”Reconstructed Landscape”

We reached out to emerging artist Thea Vella after visiting her impeccable first solo exhibition at Marie Gallery5. Reconstructed Landscapes’ raises awareness of our surroundings, memories we have lived and the spaces that have left a mark throughout the way.  Emerging artist, Thea Vella based in Malta, has immersed herself in a discovery of how her surroundings connect and disconnect each space through patchwork; using texture, colors, and tones.

Basing herself out of photographic memory and imagination she has fragmented and recreated a series of soft, and almost floating-like landscapes, which channel a whole new perspective on her surroundings. Throughout the entire process, she has come to realise and appreciate the time she has allowed herself to observe these landscapes, identify the part which resonates with her, making her more at one with her surroundings, which consequently has led to self-growth and understanding.

The artist tells us more how this collection came about and why:

What prompted you to work with landscapes?

For the past two years I’ve had the time to observe my surroundings in ways different than before. I’ve immersed myself in the inconsistent patchwork I see, and the textures and tones that play part of this scenery. Ultimately, deconstructing and reconstructing the landscape I observe. 

Your pieces seem to play around with memory and perception regarding our isle’s landscape, can you guide us to where you want the viewer to land on?

Through these paintings and collages I want people to re imagine the landscape they live in, and be more aware of what surrounds them possibly even reconstructing their own interpretation of the landscape.

Your current works at the show utilise simple grounded colour palette, was there a particular reason for this approach?

I’ve always had an interest in texture and tone especially when it comes to our local stone. While discovering these landscapes, I felt very much connected with this tonal palate. As a result I found that this helped me express and re create certain textures within the landscape represented.

How has this work helped you grow personally and artistically?

I started off experimenting with different textures on a small scale. However, in this process I moved on from that safe, confined space and challenged myself by engaging with a bigger landscape, using tones and colours that identify with the scenery.

While dedicating time to discover these landscapes, I made myself more aware of my surroundings, remembering to acknowledge it and learning how to appreciate it. Consequently I believe that this process has been that of growth and understanding. 

What is next for Thea Vella?

 I would like to continue experimenting with texture and different use of mixed media, as I found that it is a challenging yet engaging way to help bring my ideas to the canvas. 

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