In conversation with Fabio Borg about his latest exhibition ‘Revisited Memories’

We reached out to artist and community member Fabio Borg in light of his recent solo exhibition launch ‘Revisited Memories’ at Desko in Valletta. Fabio tells us about how he started off as an artist, his aspirations and dives into the recent body of work. The exhibition had to unfortunately close earlier than expected due to new COVID- 19 restrictions. However, we can view the works on his facebook page. Read what Fabio had to say and learn more about his background, process, works and future aspirations.

Who is Fabio Borg as an artist? How did you get to the point where you’re at now?

Art has played a central role in my life. From a young age I studied drawing and painting at the Malta School of Art. There, I had the privilege of studying under the artist Anthony Calleja. I do consider myself very lucky to have known the artist Gabriel Caruana. He encouraged me and introduced me to the artistic scene. I am who I am today thanks to him. In fact, it was thanks to him that I had my first solo exhibition at The Mill way back in 1999.This exhibition encouraged me to exhibit widely both in Malta and abroad. I have also spent several years in Italy, where I met various Italian artists. These were formative years for me.My encounter with various Italian artists helped me to develop my ideas and thoughts.

The road ahead, 40cm x 60cm

Can you tell us about the body of work being shown in ‘Revisited Memories’?

The idea of this solo exhibition came from my occasional visits to places that have a connection with my childhood. I was brought up in Sliema and Gzira area. Here the streets are no longer recognisable. In fact, the paintings, We are destroying our Heritage and Irregular Constructs, reflect this. They show the ugliness of the concrete constructions created today. I fear that the Maltese countryside will soon be lost to uncontrolled development, which will alter it irrevocably. I find the Maltese landscape to be the most inspiring; I think that its beauty needs to be appreciated by everyone. For this reason, I would like to preserve some of it on canvas. I hope that through my art I can raise awareness and inspire the Maltese to appreciate and protect the natural environment.

Do you have a favourite piece(s) that speaks to you more than others?

This collection is all special. Each painting imparts a particular experience. However, if I had to choose few pieces I would choose, Winter in Wied il-Fiddien, R T O – No Entry, (2020) and The Road Ahead. I find this last piece particularly intimate because it reflects the way in which my style has evolved, and I feel that the title reflects it.

' We are destroying our heritage' by Fabio Borg. Exhibited at Desko , Valletta

Do you have other exciting projects going on or any plans for the future?

Well, as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic saga is over, I hope to exhibit my works in Rome. I love Rome. It is very inspirational to me, even walking along the streets with all the impressive buildings and monuments it has. For me it has a special significance, it is like a second home.

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