Impression; a collective showcasing graduating BFA of Digital Arts students

Every year we wait eagerly to see what this years BFA of Digital Arts students present in their final year exhibition, which forms part of their dissertation. Following these long years spent in readjustment between the virtual and the physical, overcoming difficult circumstances, this exhibition marked the amalgamation of their growth. This year the exhibition is titled ; Impressions, bringing together a variety of projects through an assortment of mediums, featuring photography, graphic design,film,and animation among others. 

Vivid moment by Rhea Fenech

Various projects presented explorations of personal relationships with subjects such as happiness, beauty, sexuality, and self-image. Other dissertations displayed research on a wide range of topics, including challenging gender stereotypes through games, expressing dual identities through interior design, and exploring Maltese folklore through film. Impressions sought to convey the students’ love of a diversity of interests and disciplines, representing what is now the lasting impression which they wanted to leave.

Taking place across the 20th and 21st of May at the University of Malta, the exhibition will be open both on campus at the MAKS Faculty, and on its virtual platform. Impressions intends to serve as an eventful marker in the students’ lives and as a celebration of them taking their next steps towards their awaited graduation.

Translating the Baroque into Contemporary Digital Art by Carlos Cutajar

The Department of Digital Arts bridges contemporary artistic practice and digital technology. Its students are led to develop a refined, critical and unique voice through developing a practice founded on historical and theoretical grounding, contemporary conceptualization and aesthetics, and technical accomplishment in order to help them launch their careers in the Digital Arts.

In an ever changing technological environment, digital arts have become vital within the artistic sphere and beyond. We would like to wish best of luck to all the students from all of us at ARTZ ID. 

Don’t forget to visit the exhibition and discover fresh talent. 

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