Expand through Collaboration

As a professional development network, we have been created to champion and create collaboration. But what if people still don’t know what collaboration really means? or perhaps it’s outside of their comfort zone. Collaboration can be anything, from a discussion, feedback to a collaborative project. Whether you are working with other artists, galleries, curators, performers ,an artwork is about many forms of conversations and collaborations that will shape what you make.  But how to start?

Time to change habits

The art world and world, in general, is increasingly moving into an era of collaboration and transparency. What a relief this is! It can be enjoyable, productive and impactful in so many ways. The online works have opened its doors to so many ways to connect and collaborate, we should embrace it and stop feeling islanders, even though we still are. We should take advantage of the accessibility to reach our small community and connect with it.

The Potentials of Collaborating

  • Critical Analysis of your work by others and vice versa, which will help challenge yourself.
  • Expanding your practice.
  • Sharing Knowledge.
  • Cultivating critical thinking
  • Questioning.
  • Constructive situations.

Share resources

Share your knowledge, experience or perhaps or other resources with the community. You might have something you don’t value right now but someone out there really needs it or vice versa. Another great way to share resources is actually sharing expenses, supplies or perhaps space. Get creative ask anyone who is looking for the same things as you and give a shout out about it. You never know

Collaborative Projects

You can choose to work with people who share complementary outlooks and values. By appreciating that each person has strengths and weaknesses and understanding that co-working style varies from leader to co-operator to follower, working to each person’s strengths and style works for everyone.

Diminish your risk

When you are working as a team you will increase impact and diminish risks. Whilst when you collaborate with someone or a respected organisation you will generate further credibility thus ensuring further success. All of us understand the amount of work involved in a project, exhibition or event in the arts, well how do you feel about sharing that workload? There are just positive things to come out of it.

If you haven’t yet experienced the power of collaboration but have become a member, then we encourage you to use our tools as an easy way to start. If you are just reading this article out of curiosity, remember that those who don’t collaborate in the 21st century are missing out big time. 

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