Few Weeks Left to visit the maltabiennale.art: Here are some Must-Sees before it closes

From Left to Right: MUŻA, The Armoury in Birgu, Grand Master's Palace

As the first-ever maltabiennale.art draws to a close, art enthusiasts have only got a few weeks left to explore the diverse and captivating exhibits scattered across the island. With a history dating back to Neolithic times, the Maltese islands have long been a hub of cultural exchange within the Mediterranean. Playing on this same concept, the Malta Biennale transformed numerous historical locations around the Maltese islands into stages for artistic creations and expressions spanning a wide array of disciplines. 

Here’s a guide to six essential locations and their standout artworks that you shouldn’t miss before the closing of the maltabiennale.art on 31st May: 

Installation shot at the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta

1. Grand Master’s Palace, Valletta 

Exhibit: “Matri-Archive of the Mediterranean” Located in Valletta’s St. George’s Square, the Grand Master’s Palace is a historic site that now features the “Matri-Archive of the Mediterranean.” This exhibit offers a comprehensive visual narrative of Mediterranean history, blending the grandeur of the palace’s architecture with contemporary art installations that highlight the region’s cultural and historical richness​ (maltabiennale.art)​.

Installation shot at Malta's National Museum of Art, MUŻA in Valletta

2. MUŻA, Valletta 

Exhibit: “Findings and Fantasies” MUŻA, Malta’s National Museum of Art, presents “Findings and Fantasies,” an exhibit that explores urban and social narratives. This vibrant collection includes murals, sculptures, and multimedia presentations that capture the dynamic nature of city life and social interactions, transforming everyday experiences into vivid artistic expressions (maltabiennale.art).

Featured works by Tania Bruguera, Claude Borg, Mariah Borg, Rebecca Mifsud, Sumaya at The Armoury in Birgu

3. The Armoury, Birgu

Exhibit: “Can You Sea?: The Mediterranean as a Political Body” Situated in Birgu, The Armoury hosts “Can You Sea?: The Mediterranean as a Political Body.” This exhibit addresses environmental issues and the political dynamics of the Mediterranean region through thought-provoking installations. The Armoury’s historic setting enhances the exhibit’s impact, creating a powerful dialogue between past and present concerns (maltabiennale.art).

Ukrainian Thematic Pavilion at Villa Portelli in Kalkara

4. Villa Portelli, Kalkara 

Exhibit: “From South to North” Villa Portelli in Kalkara features the Ukrainian Thematic Pavilion titled “From South to North.” This exhibit focuses on Malta’s maritime culture and colonial history, showcased in a beautifully restored villa with lush gardens. The combination of historical context and artistic expression provides a unique perspective on Malta’s evolving identity​ (maltabiennale.art)​.

Featured work by Ibrahim Mahama at the Ġgantija Archaeological Park in Gozo

5. Ġgantija Archaeological Park, Gozo 

Exhibit: “Decolonising Malta: Polyphony Is Us” At the Ġgantija Archaeological Park, the exhibit “Decolonising Malta: Polyphony Is Us” delves into Malta’s prehistoric and colonial history. This UNESCO World Heritage site provides a stunning backdrop for artworks that explore themes of decolonization and cultural fusion, blending ancient structures with contemporary art to create a profound visual experience (maltabiennale.art).

Featured work by Sara Leghissa situated at the Granaries in St Elmo, Valletta

6. St. Elmo, Valletta 

Exhibit: “Unborn Celebration” by Sara Leghissa At Fort St. Elmo, particularly on the Granaries, Sara Leghissa’s “Unborn Celebration” is a standout installation. This work explores themes of potential and future possibilities, specifically focusing on reproductive rights. The installation uses dynamic and interactive elements to provoke thought and dialogue about the intersections of history, future narratives, and personal autonomy. The Granaries’ historic and expansive setting enhances the depth and impact of Leghissa’s powerful message​ (maltabiennale.art)​​

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