An Algorithm Break Up, Charlene Galea tell us all about it in her ongoing exhibition Dopmaine Loop Holes

Known for her visual performances using her body to communicate experiences in contemporary times,  Charlene Galeashares and expresses her latest research on the effects social media has had on her artistic and personal life in her ongoing exhibition Dopmanie Loop Holes at Marie Gallery5.  Charlene disconnected completely from all social media platforms for two months, this body of work gives us an insight of  her offline experience, thoughts and conclusions gained through this period through a performative and visual context.

The exhibition in itself is an interactive performance, Charlene connects with her audience encouraging them to question contracts everyone accepts online but never actually reads. The red coat stitched with emojis by Charlene herself is the star of the show, the audience is invited to wear it and pose in front of the main entrance piece which reads’ Smartphones are for smart artists’. Throughout the body of work charlene uses humour to explain her realisation and frustration on how the algorithm has taken over our lives. She poses herself as an instagram scrolling instructor by presenting a certificate of recognition, something which invites us to think. Her video performance ties in all parts of the exhibition together, whereby charlene is performing the different stages she has been through when disconnecting from social media and the algorithm. Almost going through the steps and process to overcome an addiction. We asked charlene on her thoughts and how does she feel about the body of work being represented below.

"I exist on Instagram since April 2012. What does it mean to slow down, log off for two months and not yearn to be back to the space where I communicated daily with so many individuals, collaborated and expressed myself in various ways?

Charlene Galea

Art and Social Media, thoughts and suggestions?

“Most artists, like me, fear that their work would go unnoticed and unacknowledged unless displayed on social media. However, artists and curators do not realise that social media affects every piece of their work on put on Insta mood board. This is what I have been researching throughout my two months offline and as well my emotions free from habitual posting and scrolling. The algorithm is the control master which chooses who sees your work, no matter how intellectual, professional or original your artwork is. The algorithm is designed to favour selfies and saturated images with a ‘sell me’ hashtag. The algorithm punishes and rewards you with likes or no recognition unless it traps you into one of its Dopamine Loop Holes and finds you constantly online glued to the screen.”

How would you describe this body of work ?

“This exhibition is about the pleasure of just being there on my own and creating and playing with my own thoughts, my smartphone still followed me everywhere I go, but this time it was just the two of us alone, you was not there to follow me. The artworks have given me the chance to play alone with words and stories. I am inviting you in my world that I hope you leave with a moment of reflection about us how the social network is being formed and perhaps controlled. And creativity is the space to be uncontrolled.”

Through this body of work, Charlene strives to share her feelings in a physical space, not a digital space by also questioning if artists should move away from social media and find a way to promote and save themselves on their own. Having control of her own creative space is what matters most to Charlene and this exhibition brings a sense of realisation of this through handwritten statements, video performance, and a pinch of humour.


Film : Lara Manara
T-shirt Model: Zoe Cammilleri
Artists In Emoji Coat : Sam Vassallo, Matthias Camilleri, Martina Mifsud, Noah Fabri, Kezia, Jade Zammit,
Kristina Polidano, Ethienne Farrell, Tina Camilleri, Kaylie Magri.
Nature Emoji Collection: Andrea Amato

Dopamine Loop Holes will run until the 24th of June at Marie Gallery5, 9th April Street, Mosta, Monday 4 – 7pm ,Tuesday to Friday 10:0am – 12.30pm & 4pm – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 12.30pm. Only 7 visitors can view at a time due to COVID-19 restrictions. Masks must be worn indoors and contact tracing details left on arrival.

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