a self-published zine

This zine is a collection of seven stories about young creatives in Malta, who have answered questions about their dedication and passion for their creative practice and their future ambitions. Their answers talk about their dream to be, rather than to be seen. A bed, in the middle of Maltese waters and which resembles the island itself, is the installation set up for the creatives to experience a variety of contrasting feelings. It places them where dreams are constructed, whilst also facing them with a deep sense of precariousness. The instability of the floating bed they are laying on subconsciously takes them on a sensorial journey; From the pride that comes with the completion of an intimate artwork to the fear of exhibiting it. Rob Matthew Golfeo - Photography Marta Ilacqua - Art Direction, Post-production, Editorial Special thanks to Anthony Mizzi, Erika Ellul, Nikolai Bjarnason, Yannick Yankam, Steve Muscat, Sara Marston and Rachel Micallef Somerville for their collaboration.


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