The Ostrale Biennale

Supported by Spazju Kreattiv

‘IN-BETWEEN’ We are living in an age of ‘IN-BETWEEN’s. Somehow, no one is entirely present at one point in time. Identities are fragmented and dispersed on the web without any true control. Our identities are becoming an in-between of the ‘real’ persona and its digital variations. People are living in-between homes and workplaces; the airport is becoming the only constant. Relationships are developed and consumed through the mediation of the in-between digital places referred to as social media. The artwork proposed seeks to explore the ‘IN-BETWEEN-ISM’ we seem to be living in this day and age. This is done by merging a tangible, physical, solid painting in a physical gallery space and a volatile, ephemeral, light projection originating from the digital world (commonly known as the internet). The hybrid-painting is only complete when the two realities are displayed together, that is, the digital image is projected onto the painting to construct a unified composition. The audience may opt to manipulate the projected part of the hybrid-painting using specific editing software found on the web. The interaction between the digital variable and the static painting results in a manifestation of the ‘new reality’ constructed between the digital and non-digital/physical. This artwork was selected together with that of 10 other renowned Maltese artist by the Ostrale Biennale selection board and Spazju Kreattiv to represent Malta in this important European Art Biennale. Photo©PeterRFischer


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