Take me home part 3

Sydney, Aus solo exhibition

Part 3 of a three-part traveling solo exhibition. The work explores personal experiences of leaving home, long-distance relationships, life in constant transit and the phases in-between. It also investigates the idea of home, the journey towards finding it, particularly as a migrant. It delves into 'home' as an abstract feeling found in many places, people and experiences. Most of the work is also ambiguous enough to allow viewers to add their own interpretation or connect with their own personal experiences. Botanical elements, representations of eyes and wispy figures and beings inhabit the drawings. Strange characters populate the work and act as modern-day allegories of nostalgia, yearning, and nomadism. Part 1: London, Hoxton 253 June 2021 Part 2 - Malta, Desko. November 2021 Part 3 - Sydney, Australia. June 2022 This project is supported by the Malta Arts Council


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