Reconstructed Landscape

by Thea Vella

‘Reconstructed Landscapes’ raises awareness of our surroundings. Emerging artist, Thea Vella based in Malta, has immersed herself in a discovery of how her surroundings connect and disconnect each space through patchwork; using texture, colors, and tones. Basing herself out of photographic memory and imagination she has fragmented and recreated a series of soft, and almost floating-like landscapes, which channel a whole new perspective on her surroundings. Throughout the entire process, she has come to realize and appreciate the time she has allowed herself to observe these landscapes, identify the part which resonates with her, making her more at one with her surroundings, which consequently has led to self-growth and understanding. Through this body of work, Thea invites us to reimagine the landscape we live in, be more aware of what surrounds us and construct our own interpretation.


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