Oil Paint Prints

Oil Paint Prints exploring the relationship of masculinity and the fashion industry

Maltese Islands colours base the current question of, “If our clothing is our direct expression of self, how has the current state of masculinity influenced fashion brands and identity? Investigating this discussion through the use of delicate silhouette and bold colour achieved through oils. These oil paint prints aim to explore the idea of ‘’masculinity’’ in the gender conundrum that is today, by what it means to be a masculine woman and a not so masculine man in coherence with the fashion industry. Often there is an interchanging play between the media portraying us and us responding to the media. Rhea reflects this conversation in what she calls painted print work. A second body of work that carried over the conversation she started in her practise based dissertation from Ravensbourne University. Each print a blurred and romantic depiction of a person dressed with some identifiable garment to let the audience start making assumptions. This allows for a closer look at how the fashion and media industry portrays us back to ourselves. In the state of many revolutions this pandemic has brought about we ask, by what are we willing to be defined by?


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