Light is Time Thinking About Itself

Antje Liemann

Light is Time Thinking About Itself speaks about landscapes without the presence of humankind. The artist Antje Liemann takes our recent lockdowns – with their home-isolation ad absurdum – as the starting point for imaging a differently calibrated world, and even looking forward to the end of humankind’s domination over the earth. Through interactions with experts and artists, the project asks if there is still time left to rethink our relationship with the world, or if the belief in the sovereignty of humankind has brought us to the brink of collapse of our living conditions. Through two-dimensional work, installations and a film documentary, Antje Liemann imagines post-human scenarios – including a Malta colonised by bee-like hybrid beings, and once-extinct orchids – and attempts to bring us closer to the reality of the fragility of our existence.