Inspired in China

supported by Chinese Cultural Centre

China Cultural Centre in Malta (CCC) supported 'Inspired in China' –Fine Art Exhibition by Maltese Artists for the Fifth consecutive year. This much anticipated branded annual event appertains to CCC’s bilateral exchange activities, featuring masterpieces of various genres and styles which depict first-hand experiences and impressions of China, as the main linking theme. Inspired in China, on the one hand, pursues CCC`s objectives to support cross-cultural dialogue and development of collaborative relations between artists and cultural organizations of both countries, as defined by the goals of mutually beneficial cooperation outlined in the Programme of Cultural Exchange between the Governments of the Republic of Malta and the People’s Republic of China for the period 2014-2018. On the other hand, it seeks to capture and reveal the face of present-day China through the eyes of Maltese artists, translating their perceptions on China`s unique character and transformation; confluence of multiple ethnic and regional cultures; melding of time-honoured traditions and progressive modernity, as well as its timeless scenic beauty and the warm charm of its people, into a wide-spectrum visual narrative. Over the years, several representatives of Malta`s flourishing diverse art world have participated in this initiative, transforming their trip around China into a journey of creativity, which has injected vitality into the local art scene. In July-August of 2016, by invitation of the Ministry of Culture of China and recommendation of Arts Council Malta, Spazju Kreattiv and Art Discussion Group, CCC selected five highly accomplished local artists (Catherine Cavallo, Alex Attard, Antoine Farrugia, Darren Tanti and Simon Barthet) to visit China`s thriving cosmopolitan capital, Beijing, and prime heritage-jewelled Province of Henan. The exhibits presented showcase their masterful skills and knowledge of western art applied to a Chinese context, woven with keen insight and receptiveness to the life and ways of a society that touched them deeply. May this intimate encounter serve as a window into the world of China for the Maltese public, and enhance the enduring friendship between our two peoples. Text by E.V. Borg (2016)


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