Documentary project

Before I start talking about the project I would like to share with you something. We've seen or heard numerous cases of elderly people being left alone. While doing my research I found an article saying that an elderly man, age 96, called the police for an emegergency. His reason was that he was feeling lonely. The police spent some time with him and kept him some company. With this project I intend to focus on our grandparents. Let's not forget everything they do and did for us. Let's not forget the love they show us. Unfortunately, I lost my grandmother in 2008 and I regret each day that I do not have nothing much of her. I do not have many pictures to remember and embrace. I only have a couple of images from when I was young, back in 2002, and my memory to remember. I wanted this to be different with my grandfather. Therefore I present to you my project of my grandfather, Alfred. I present to you myself trying to make up for what I lost. I present to you 'Fredu'.


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