Feraggio in Munxar

Anonymous characters across news feeds during the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to heightened levels of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, misinformation and malice during this highly anxious period. My work is often about the political implication of our personal statements and actions. I also seek to navigate between built and unbuilt environments, digital and physical social parameters, and layers of attributed meaning. When Feraggio approached me to contribute to their art outreach program I wanted to comment on abundance: of information, land and of material. Of ignorance, fear, sameness, and simultaneously difference. Of wet sands to sink into, and of dry clay to scale. Of large seas to drown in. Of large echo chambers to be ignored within. Of fear. Of beauty. The Feraggio wet sand pump stands firm on the surface of a Maltese clay slope face, at the perimeter of the water's edge, within the centre of the Mediterranean basin - and just like on endless social media feeds, it can be appreciated in detail at the greatest extent of zoom, or ignored like another fleeting moment we scroll past.


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