33 Creative interpretations of Beppe

A playful Collaboration

This collective project is a collaboration between 33 creatives from different fields. The aim of this collective is to share some insight about being a creative as well as to show the diversity in the creative sector. Early in January I reached out to both local and foreign creatives in different fields (Graphics, illustration, 2d, 3d & Animation) and asked them to depict Beppe in their own creative way as well as to share something they have learned about being creatives. View the full project on here https://www.behance.net/gallery/94262535/33-Creative-interpretations-of-Beppe Special thanks to all the amazing artist & designers that took part in this collaboration. Mattie De Bono , Valentina Attard, Glenn Ellul, Moira Zahra, Daniela Farrugia, Philip Sultana, Emma Galea, Michaela Fleri Soler, Ed Dingli, Daniela Attard, Jan Frantz, Laura Morellon, Jon Calleja, Kyle Fenech, Sofia Kuzmenko, David Oku, Sean Whealan, Anna valeria d'alessandro, Glenn Cauchi, Jordan Falzon, Daniel Romero, Ben Sacco, Craig Mcdonald, Steffi Venturi, Pasa Edtl, Dwayne Dominick Jr, Aaron Craig, Jordan Best, Christ Scicluna, Nicola Strada, Malcolm Ricci, Andrea Caruana , Jean Claude Vella, Magda Azab


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