Art on Paper

In January 2020 we sent out an international artist call for artworks on paper sized 20cm by 20cm. We received 82 applications but only 50 artists had to be selected. The artists chosen come from 19 different countries and each work in different mediums and together, they display a very good selection of drawings, paintings, collages, digital prints, original prints and photography. The artists are: Alexander Chernavsky – Alexandra Aquilina - Amy Guilfoyle – Anabel Cordina - Andreana Boldarini- Andrew Borg - Angie Balzan -Anne Woelk- Antje Liemann- Antoine Xuereb - Anthony Weitz – Asli Canpolat - Belukhina Ekaterina – Bernd Reichert - Chiara Micallef – David Pisani - Debbie Bonello – Dina Belaia - Elena Degenhardt - Ethelbert Perini - Fatma Ramadan – Federica Giallombardo – Iella- Johanna Almgren - Johannes Christopher Gerard - John Paul David – Joyce Camilleri – Juan Almarza Anwandter - Katel Delia – Magdalena Frankowska - Magdalena Parfieniuk – Mathilde Brebant - Mia Anastasi – Moira Cutajar - Oksana Bergen – Olaug Vethal - Oskaras Povilenas- Patricia O’Brien - Paul Edmonson – Rachel Fenech - Ronan Crowley – Rupert Cefai - Sarah Calleja - Sarka Kadlecova - Sergio Muscat - Silvio John Camilleri – Stephania Micallef - Victoria Afonasenkova – Yvonne Vignes - Zack Ritchie The exhibition took place online from 1st and 16th May 2020 online (COVID) and will now take place later in the year, physically (date to be announced).


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