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ARTZ ID had a chat with artist Lucio Dubini on the occasion of his first solo exhibition in Malta. We found out more about his personal story, where gets his inspiration from and what to expect from him in the future. 

In your bio on your ARTZ ID profile you mention that you lived in different countries and that these experiences nourished your curiosity. How does this find its way into your artistic practice? Has living in Malta influenced how you paint in any way?

Being raised in Milan, Italy had a huge positive impact on my creativity. Milan is a dynamic city where creativity is pulsing in every sector. Art, fashion, design, advertising, are all an enormous source of inspiration. Since an early age I nourished my artistic side by visiting art exhibitions. During my high school years, I lived for a year in the Rocky Mountains, USA. The colours of the mountains and of the canyons left a huge mark on me. My 10 years in Paris were also very enriching as I was part of a small group of artists that enjoyed going to exhibitions or meet up to discuss art. We also rented a small studio together. We created strong, long-lasting friendships. 

Arriving in Malta influenced my art in many ways. The amazing colours found in the contact with the blue sea and the strong bright sun all tingled my creativity. It was here that I dedicated more time to my art practice. In Malta I experimented a lot and my paintings became more playful and colourful. I also started working on sculptures once again. In 2017 I had my first group exhibition at the Malta Art Fair in Ta’ Qali. I got to meet many local talented artists. And here on the island, I’m also currently holding my first solo art exhibition.

'The acrobatic search for the man that became a parrot and then a fish', on view at the exhibition 'Memories from Mars', Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, September 1-16.

Can you tell us about the themes, thoughts or ideas that give shape to your work? Your work is also characterised by bright colours. Why do you work with this palette?

My art is abstract. Through my abstract art I can fully express myself. I love the possibility to create forms, colours and lines out of the imaginary and the fantastic. I love the sense of freedom that my abstract art gives me. The title of my current exhibition at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta is ‘Memories from Mars’. The theme is the fact that through my art I’m able to go back to that childhood state where imagination is limitless and one can almost fly to Mars and come back. Therefore, the paintings are memories of this travel to my fantastic world of colours and shapes.

The inspiration comes from what surrounds me, or from dreams, experiences or feelings that I have. I then consciously and unconsciously re-elaborate all these inputs in my mind and use them to create my abstract art.My works are currently characterised by bright colours. After a darker period some years back, I think the change to brighter colours has to do with the positive changes in my life. In fact, my art became more playful and bright.

Do you have any ongoing or planned projects that you can share with us?

At the moment I’m focused on my current first solo exhibition at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta. Otherwise, the current general situation is making me realize that I would have to move more online while waiting for things to improve in the offline world. In addition, I plan to continue creating, experimenting and developing my art. From the point of view of art practice, I’m currently working on some large abstract black and white paintings. I love black and white. As in photography, black and white enhance the importance of light and shapes. I also plan to make some abstract sculptures.

'That special place', on view at the exhibition 'Memories from Mars', Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, September 1-16.

Finally, what are Lucio’s ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future are to become a full-time artist and to hold various exhibitions around the world. I’d love to make art my profession. I’d love to continue creating art every moment that I can and leave a mark in this world through my art.

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